Poker Lifestyle: Ali Nejad’s Car

by , Aug 18, 2009 | 12:18 pm

Speaking of bankroll management … an @Ali_Nejad tweet reminds me of the power of network television, and provides a glimpse of what serving as tournament director on the lowest-rated show on prime-time TV can get you:

@Ali_Nejad At BMW dealer finally gettin break-in service on M5. Sure it only gets 10mpg, but I only drove it 900mi in 3 months! “Green?” What say u?

No blood for oil, dude. Props for going green to show your support for Iran!

3 Comments to “Poker Lifestyle: Ali Nejad’s Car”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Ali’s over 500,000 followers on Twitter, how’d that happen?

  2. DanM

    #FacetheAce Nation?

  3. DanM

    And lol, I just re-read his tweet. I was thinking his “green” question had something to do with car color. oops.