AJ Benza Fears Being Bounced by GSN

High Stakes Poker to return, but maybe with new Kaplan sidekick

by , Sep 25, 2009 | 1:06 pm

High Stakes Poker will begin taping for season 6 on November 11th, possibly without co-host A.J. Benza. He appeared on the Sept. 20 episode of the Miserable Men show on Sirius/XM Radio channel 101. During an interview on the show, Benza mentions that there are rumors that his role on the show will be replaced by a female cohost, as discussed in the audio below:


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2 Comments to “AJ Benza Fears Being Bounced by GSN”

  1. Marvin C

    Who cares if he goes. He adds nothing. He has zero knowledge of poker and isn’t funny. At least Gabe understands what’s happening even if he can’t explain it.

    Maybe the producers will have the announcers quit repeating the obvious and talking over the players. Usually, except when Phil Laak is talking, the players have more interesting things to say than the announcers. Please, don’t have Phil Laak on or muzzle him. Also, if Helmouth is on, don’t waste time with his stupid insurance deals. And if they are going to allow side prop bets, have the announcers explain them.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    He’s better than when he started, and Gabe and AJ do make a very good team. Regarding the show itself, the plan is to not have props on the show.