Commerce Hold’em Series: Ironman Event and Other Curious Tourneys

by , Sep 11, 2009 | 6:00 am

The Commerce Hold’em Series just got underway yesterday in California. It’s a 2+ week festival with limit, no-limit, and pot-limit hold’em tourneys … most of them in the $200, $300, and $500 range … and some with fun little twists such as knockout bounties and creative payout structures. They got off to a good start with 1,217 entries on Day 1A in their $220 NLH — with a $500k guarantee — and It all culminates in a $2,580 main event (also with a $500k guarantee).

But the event that’s most intriguing to me: Event #15 — a $1,600 “Ironman” tourney, on Wednesday, Sep 23.

The concept, from a Commerce spokesman:

$1600 Ironman Tournament. 10,000 in starting chips. 1 hour levels starting at 25-50, with slow progressions. Includes 50-75, 250-500, 900-1800 blinds. The key is that there are no breaks! We will play from start to finish without interruption. 3 meals provided as long as you are in the tournament. Must play down to one player. Paying only the final table with 50% for first.

Wow. Awesome. Cool. While part of me thinks this might-should be called the Meth-head Invitational, it will be really interesting to see who plays the best under those conditions. Short-stacked smokers at a disadvantage, but hey … them’s the (only) breaks.

UPDATE: Event #1 seems pretty unique, too. Each Day 1 plays down to 27, and 90 players have already made the money. An additional funky caveat — those who have already busted can re-enter on Day 1B or Day 1C. What-the …

2 Comments to “Commerce Hold’em Series: Ironman Event and Other Curious Tourneys”

  1. Mean Gene

    I freakin’ LOVE the Ironma…IronPERSON concept. But what’s this coddling nonsense? They get served meals at the table? No WAY. No food delivery, no cocktail service. You wanna eat or you wanna play poker? You get hungry, race over to the food court or coffee shop and hustle back to your stack. I’d give the players 50,000 chips, start the levels at 25-25, play 2-hour levels, and set up a FEMA trailer outside so hallucinating players could get a nap on a bedbug-infested cot. Oh, and I’d make it winner-take-all, which would turn the heads-up match into the fricking battle of Verdun.

    This HAS to become a WSOP event. Put the tables up by Buzios so the casino traffic can gawk at them. Don’t allow the players to use the bathrooms in the casino–make it a rule they have to use the ones down by the Amazon Room. You want something to drink, elbow your way through the drunks at the Hooker Bar and get a Red Bull and vodka. Players could use their own hygenic deficiencies to their advantage–how geeked would you be to play next to a 300-pound guy who hasn’t showered since Valentine’s Day and, over the last twelve hours, has consumed the Szechuan Beef, the Nachos Grande, the Meatball Sub, and has drank 27 Coors Lights?

    I’d make the juice for the event 10% because the dealers and floor staff would need to get tetanus and diptheria vaccinations before working the event (players would be exempt). You want ESPN to televise the $50K HORSE? A $40K Hold-em event? A Tournament of Champions? Bull-SHIT. THIS is the event ESPN has been looking for.

  2. DanM

    LOL, mix it in with a 3-mile swim, 110-mile bike ride, and 26-mile marathon and you’ve got a real winner!

    Whoever won that could definitely get on Ellen.