Lodge Poker Revival Begins Today

by , Sep 13, 2009 | 9:50 am

Meet Sharron, the new tourney director at The Lodge.

There are lots of amateur poker leagues out there, and with all due respect, we don’t pay as much attention to them as we used to unless there’s allegations of grift and/or a plot to kill the guy running it with snakes. However, the Lodge Amateur Poker League has always been near and dear to Pokerati’s heart.

Back in the early boom days, All In magazine called it “The best amateur tournament in America!” Ahh, we were having some good after-church strip-club times every Sunday, with more and more players getting better each week … in pursuit of not just gift certificates and lap-dance coupons, but also, and believe it or not more important than seeing boobs for most, a seat in a $1,500 WSOP event (travel expenses included, of course).

But like so much in poker, after Dan left it eventually lost its way. The tournament carried on, but allegations of chip dumping and cheating (yes, in an amateur tourney) made it lose its luster. Then came the Texas sin tax that made this “free” tournament a $0+5 NLH — with that whole $5 going to the State — and field sizes continued to dwindle.

Courts have since ruled that tax unconstitutional, so the game is free again … and now the Lodge — named Best Strip Club in America at the 2008 Exotic Dancer Awards in Las Vegas, btw — has renewed its commitment to making its weekly amateur poker tournament not just the best in Texas, but tops anywhere. The new TD cracking the poker whip: Sharron Nix.


Very cool. She knows her stuff, and knows how to have a good time. I’ll have to make a trip back to Dallas to check it out … and I hope it becomes a regular stop for poker people passing through. I don’t know the details about prizes or anything yet, but I’m sure she’ll run a great event.

Now the details:

Beginning this Sunday, The Lodge will open at NOON with a full slate of NFL football on our gazillion big-screen TVs. Our great lunch specials go on till 4 p.m., and it’s Happy Hour all day and night.

Our new, improved, fabulous and free PRIMO POKER debuts this Sunday at 4 p.m. Our Poker Princess, Sharron Nix, will offer free Texas Hold’em lessons at 3 before the cards drop at 4. Highlights include great weekly prizes, season prizes of buy-ins at big-time tournaments, terrific food and drink specials, and beautiful dealers at every table. Plus, you’re at The Lodge.
See you Sunday!

2 Comments to “Lodge Poker Revival Begins Today”

  1. Aaron A

    Thanks Dan for posting this! I had a blast Sunday and am sure to have a great time from here on!

  2. lisa

    old times!!!!