Maria Ho & Tiffany Michelle Set for Debut on Amazing Race

by , Sep 9, 2009 | 8:30 am

It was pretty much confirmed by everyone but Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle, but now the CBS website lists the contestants for the upcoming broadcast of the Amazing Race, and they’re on it. The Associated Press provided a quote from Ho:

“It’s obviously different from competition at the poker table,” said Ho, who came in 11th place at this year’s World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. “It’s outdoorsy. This is physical and mental, but we will definitely be applying whatever skills we have as gamers to this competition and push ourselves in different ways that we’re not used to doing.”

Their combined bio can be found on the CBS website and describes them as well-traveled, extremely competitive, strong-minded, and savvy. (Funny – but not really – that they’re described by most poker media as simply “hot.”) Despite my usual ban on reality television, I’ll set the DVR to see how far the ladies make it. The premiere is Sunday, September 27.

16 Comments to “Maria Ho & Tiffany Michelle Set for Debut on Amazing Race”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    The article notes Ho’s 11th place finish at the WSOP, either ignoring or omitting it was a $10,000 limit holdem event.

  2. DanM

    ***Funny – but not really – that they’re described by most poker media as simply “hot.”***

    I would say “hot-ish”. Damn people for trying to look attractive and reaping whatever benefits that bestows on them. I mean that’s as dirty as check-and-raise!

    ***ban on reality television***
    you aren’t watching 2M2MM? i kinda like it!

    can’t wait for the next season of G’s to Gents, btw!

    (OK, I’ll go sit in the penalty box now for using three exclamation points in a row.)

  3. scott diamond

    Dan it’s your site you can do what ever you want here!!

    HOT??? can I use 3 question marks?

  4. California Jen

    Dan, I have no problem with them being referred to as hot, but if they have poker skills, it would be nice if they were given credit for those as well. Ya know, like men are?

    The only time I lift my ban on reality TV is when poker is involved. I am watching 2M2MM, Face the Ace (gulp), and whatever else focuses on poker or features a poker player.

    And I will be watching G’s to Gents… Okay, I guess I don’t have a total ban! But I hate those survival shows. 🙂

  5. BJ Nemeth

    KevMath — The mainstream media calls all WSOP events “The WSOP” or “The WSOP Championship.” According to the mainstream media, Phil Hellmuth has been “The WSOP Champion” 11 times, and Annie Duke has also been the WSOP Champion.

    Why, Jeffrey Lisandro was “The WSOP Champion” three times in the span of a month!

  6. California Jen

    Just got a press release that Tiffany Michelle got renewed for another year of UB sponsorship. See what being a reality show contestant can do for a poker player?

    I’d be willing to bet that Maria Ho also gets picked up by UB soon. Just a hunch.

  7. DanM

    Good for them, congrats, seriously! (Huh, I didn’t get that release. woulda done a post about that i think. Love being on lists.)

    Regardless, good on Tiffany Michelle … I think it’s reasonable for her deep, semi-controversial run in 2007 to provide her 2-3 years of opportunities and rewards regardless of how she performs at the tables.

    Not willing to make a bet on Ho-UB … but indeed, if she goes far on TAR … and thus has the shared reality TV experience with Annie Duke (who never got anything in poker bc of her “hotness”, ijs) … yeah, I could see a deal taking shape. But she’ll still need to do something plausibly significant at the tables first, imho.

  8. BJ Nemeth

    Tiffany Michelle’s semi-controversial deep run in the WSOP Main Event was in 2008. Maria Ho’s non-controversial deep run in the WSOP Main Event was in 2007.

    Actually, between the two of them, I think Maria has the stronger poker resume. Tiffany Michelle has the stronger TV exposure (pre-Amazing Race, at least).

  9. Marvin C

    At least you can’t call a clock on the Amazing Race.

  10. Chris Tessaro

    TifMich renewed after winning a grand total of zero for the first year of her deal. Excellent

    I love the Amazing Race. I dislike Tiffany Michelle. Worlds are colliding, Jerry.

    Not cool, yo…

  11. DanM

    That’s not true, Chris. She placed 32nd (out of 1,898) in Event #2 of the 2009 California State Poker Championship — a $300+35 NLH — paying her $1,763.

  12. Kevin Mathers

    Include the $15,000 she won last year at the Borgata in their Main Event in September.

    $16k over a year is close to nothing, throw in her Sharkscope and cash game stats, and then you get closer to nothing. But she could respond that we’re talking about her, which I guess is the point.

  13. BJ Nemeth

    Over a period of three years (late 2004 to late 2007), Chris Moneymaker won less than $25,000. Does that mean PokerStars should have stopped sponsoring him? Of course not.

    Player sponsorships are different than having a backer. UtimateBet doesn’t see Tiffany Michelle as an investment in tournament winnings any more than PokerStars invested in Moneymaker’s future earnings. These players are sponsored for *marketing* purposes.

    Wouldn’t it be stupid for UB to drop Tiffany a few weeks before she appeared on a major network reality TV show? There will be a *lot* of people Googling her name in the next month, and most of them have never played online poker (and certainly haven’t heard about any scandal). Some of them might consider opening an account.

    It’s a no-brainer for UB to resign her, depending on the price.

  14. DanM

    Let’s not forget how general spin works, either. Just because the press release (theoretical) says, “Woot! 1-Year deal for TiffMich!” it could also be seen as “UB puts TiffMich on probation.” Because isn’t that kinda what a one-year deal says? Let’s see how you do this year …

    I’m also sure Moneymaker, Negreanu, Hachem, Raymer, et al will all attest that being a sponsored player is more than just playing tournaments.

  15. DanM

    @Kevmath … Really? My bad, lol, I used the CardPlayer player database. Didn’t see the borgata win in there!

  16. Kevin Mathers

    That’s what happens when you use their database.

    Also, she appears under her actual name (Tiffany Graham)