Player to Watch: Vinnie Vinh

by , Sep 22, 2009 | 4:15 am

Don’t call it a comeback … Vinnie Vinh, from Houston, had done little on the tournament scene since his chair finished 3rd in a limit hold’em event at the ’08 WSOP. But he did book a 14th place finish in a $970 No-Limit tourney at the LA Poker Classic in February … and check out results of Event #10 — a $335 NLH — at the Commerce Hold’em Series:


1 Vinnie Vinh, Houston, TX $14,006 plus $2,580 Seat
2 David Lopez, Tucson, AZ $7,486
3 Pho Tran, West Covina, CA $4,772
4 Glenn Forster, Los Angeles, CA $3,502
5 Huy Quach, West Covina, CA $2,845
6 Derwin Lowery, Los Angeles, CA $2,145
7 David Liau, Los Angeles, CA $1,707
8 Dono Terranova, Los Angeles, CA $1,270
9 Patrick Karschamroon, Los Angeles, CA $919
10 Adam Weinraub, Orange, CA $657
11 Nhut Tran, Norwalk, CA $657
12 Panayotis Kalessis, Los Angeles, CA $657
13 Impounh Vongvone, Los Angeles, CA $569
14 Sami Banizuraij, Salt Lake City, UT $569
15 Rocky Eniso, Glendale, CA $569
16 Gideon Cross, Los Angeles, CA $482
17 Bobby Binsky, Miami, FL $482
18 Yarom Limor, Beverly Hills, CA $482

I’m keeping tabs on these big-little tourneys via Steve Hall.

UPDATE: Steve tells me that Vinnie is playing these minor league Commerce tournaments for Men the Master.

13 Comments to “Player to Watch: Vinnie Vinh”

  1. Mean Gene

    Even for the poker world that’s a real smorgasbord of names.

  2. Spaceman

    Am I missing something here? How on earth did 152 players with a $335 buy-in build a $43K prize pool?

  3. DanM

    um, math? 150x$300 would = $45k … so now throw in some of those extra fees … plus the seat into their main event was an overlay … i dunno, haven’t added it all up exactly, but ballpark looks on target.

    and hey, i am getting info from steve hall, lol.

    him and here:

  4. Kevin Mathers

    The main event seat is added to the prize pool. The buy-in is officially 288+ 12 service charge + 35 entry fee.

  5. DanM


    so they didn’t even include the $2,800 seat in the overall prize pool.

    $47 may seem hefty, but hey, someone’s gotta pay for those nifty trophies!

  6. Spaceman

    So apparently I was missing something…and I think it was sleep. *sigh* Maybe I need to grow my beard back out like you, Dan, so I can have True Poker Media Power again.

  7. DanM

    So far the only results I have noticed from the beard is that conservative women smile at me less and plausibly gay men are friendlier to me.

  8. Spaceman

    So both your goals have been accomplished? Kudos! 😀

  9. DanM

    Best name in the above list is Nhut Tran.

  10. scott diamond

    Steve Hall is actually one of the nicest guys in the Poker media who is virtually unknown by many.

    great Guy!!

  11. Spaceman

    Steve’s been around for what seems like forever – and he’s also the only guy I know in the poker media who isn’t getting balder as the years go by. 😀

  12. DanM

    Two words tell you everything you need to know about Steve Hall: Bolton Wanderers

  13. steve hall

    Ty.We managed to keep Spaceman locked up in Thailand this summer so Dan and I hold the record for WSOP’s as media.(Well maybe behind Max Shapiro)
    Dan,I call Bolton the Villa rejects (although they screwed up selling us Cahill but thats for soccerati)
    Scott: Now I have to attend the next fallen heroes charity event.Please no Tiffany or Maria Ho though 😀