New Poll: Who’s the Best Twitterer in Poker?

by , Oct 19, 2009 | 11:41 am

Almost forgot to tell you … if you hadn’t noticed already, we’ve got a poll up (to the right, and down a bit) wondering: Who’s the Best Twitterer in Poker?

You should vote. As many times as possible. It’s a tight race. A lot on the line. Criteria completely random and subjective … though I do hope you all realize there’s a big difference between tweets from @Erik_Seidel and @DonkeyBomber, half a dozen bracelets notwithstanding.

15 Comments to “New Poll: Who’s the Best Twitterer in Poker?”

  1. 2gan

    @_manub_ of course !
    Go France !!!

  2. DanM

    ha, i’ve been trying to figure out who that is!

  3. TestCross

    @_manub_ !

  4. Benjo

    I didnt added myself, and I dont consider myself a good twitterer compared to luminaries such as Erik Seidel and TexasDolly, but it still feels nice to get more votes than supra-annoying Annie Duke.

  5. Kevin Mathers

    Manub has 5x as many votes as followers, gaming the system ftw?

  6. CrocMonsieur

    _Manub_ has 700 followers so u mean 1/5th?
    He’s got the most popular twitter in france and this page was posted on a famous forum hence the votes from the community 😉

  7. Benjo

    @_manub_ has 746 followers atm.

  8. Kevin Mathers

    Oops, I was confusing @manub with @_manub_, my apologies.

  9. DanM

    Ha, I guess I should follow this @_manub_ guy, whoever he is.

    Will be fun to watch Pauly and Doyle battle it out for the silver.

  10. DanM

    Hey, wait a minute, this dude doesn’t even speak English! That does not suit our self-absorbed American-centric snobberies well!

  11. manub

    Hi guys, I use my twitter account to feed live coverage and hands as well as some analysis sometimes to the poker playing french audience (unfortunately I tend to bust out of tournaments early and have time on my hands!). I have a lot of followers that don’t even subscribe to my account as they’re often being reposted on most french poker boards. It’s gotten quite popular.

    So yeah I do speak english but not on twitter 😛 However if you feel my presence isn’t in the spirit of the poll, feel free to kick me out. 🙂

  12. DanM

    Hi manub, no problem … all good. Our readers know they get what they pay for when it comes to the scientificness of our unscientific data.

    At first I thought you’re name was referencing the football team — you know, the Phil Hellmuth of EPL — and just by nature I tend to root against them.

  13. cougar

    i can’t believe you use twitter… what happened to myspace?

  14. zecak

    MANOUBI rullllles

  15. Shona

    InterPoker’s pro Juha Helppi has just joined – he’s