The Amazing Race Non-Spoiler Alert

by , Oct 19, 2009 | 11:16 am

@AllenKessler got a little peeved at @Pokerati last week for “spoiling” The Amazing Race. Whatever … This week, @Alexpokerguy blew it for me — I had completely forgotten about the show, or at least that it was Sunday. Asshole. Bummer, but hey, such is life when anyone has the ability to condense an hour-long TV show into 140 characters or less.

In case you did miss the show, you can catch episode 5 in its entirety here.

All we’ll tell you about it is that the Racers travel to Dubai, where eight teams are reduced to seven. Semi-spoiled: Tiffany being Tiffany + Maria driving => karmically fitting results.

And for something a little extra, here’s @TiffnyMichelle discovering that not all Arabs are terrorists:

5 Comments to “The Amazing Race Non-Spoiler Alert”

  1. Jason B

    yup, this conversation will break down the stereotypes of poker players and american culture in general …. ya know like what I mean …sigh!

  2. DanM

    lol, fair enough. but at least Tiffany shows a little learning going on, and the realization that the “media” hardly can be counted on to convey an accurate portrayal of people.

    I think Lance and Keri have the “ugly Americans” thing locked down.

  3. Joaquin Ochoa

    I don’t know these girls. They seem cool enough and are honest about what they think and see. Since I’m a regular to Dubai I think they have hit the nail on the head for first time visitors. As time goes on they will learn more about the city and come to love it a bit more. Sure there are a lot of negatives about Dubai…but isn’t that everywhere?

  4. johnf


    Lasted longer than they should have.

  5. mewcrazy

    The chinese girl was cute 😀