More Phil Ivey Being Phil Ivey

by , Oct 8, 2009 | 8:26 pm

“Anything to help poker out is fine with me.”

As discussed on this week’s The Poker Beat … Phil Ivey is making friendly with the cameras these days. He sits down for nine minutes with to talk about what he’s doing in Europe, his plans leading up to Nov. 9, his main event prep strategy (“get a good night’s sleep, have a good breakfast”), and even addresses the mini-controversy from the summertime WSOP when he balked at being on ESPN’s feature table. (Oh, right, totally forgot about that.)

The specific hand he recalls almost effortlessly (from four years ago) and breaks down in the interview can be found here:

(It really is pretty impressive, and a reminder of why people have been so into Phil Ivey even before he started talking.)

2 Comments to “More Phil Ivey Being Phil Ivey”

  1. nexgen

    Great interview. You don’t see very many, so I think that’s why they are so good.

  2. DanM

    Chris Conger (aka nexgen), you’re out … you are welcome to keep commenting but no more links for you.

    Pokerati readers, you are now allowed to refer to Chris/Nexgen as an a-hole. (Because dude, that’s what you are, whether you realize the error of your ways or not.)