Police Investigating Andreas Oscarsson Murder as Mob-style Hit

Father of PokerListings founder seeks help finding killers

by , Oct 3, 2009 | 1:33 pm

Andreas Oscarsson
Photo: PokerListings.com

The father of Andreas Oscarsson, the PokerListings cofounder murdered in Sweden two months ago, says his son was the victim of a professional hit. He spoke on Swedish TV (their equivalent of America’s Most Wanted, I believe) in hopes that the public can help police solve this crime.

Apparently there was almost no evidence left behind.

Oscarsson, of course, was one of the biggest success stories of the international online poker boom — not as a player, but in helping bring players to online sites — and he accumulated vast wealth in a relatively short period of time. The semi-retired poker affiliate kingpin was on a brief holiday to his family home in Sweden this past August when an unknown assailant quietly broke into the house. He was shot six times with what investigators believe was a silencer-capped pistol as his wife, parents, and two-year-old son slept.

Hear Oscarsson’s father in his own (chilling) words:


You don’t need to speak Swedish to kinda-sorta understand what this is really all about …

Click below for two recent stories (Google translations) about the highest-stakes murder the Swedes have seen in a long while … one police do not seem close to solving.

“Proffs mördade min son”

“Professionals murdered my son ‘

In the evening he comes up on TV3’s program was called – the father of the 36-year-old businessman in the poker industry, who were murdered in the childhood home of Skoftebyns in Trollhättan on tredje August.

“This is a professional job”

The father hopes that television appearance could lead to police find those who murdered his son. For he is convinced that more than one person behind the murder.

– There is no behind, instigator of the murder. I am absolutely convinced, “says the father.
The police have told him that his son was six shots and that the gun had a silencer, and he thinks it is a professional assassin who is behind the murder.

– They have rekat here in advance, the thing I am absolutely convinced.
The father believed that it was his son’s fortune, which made him a target. This or that the assassination will be a revenge for something.

Pokermord tas upp i tv

Poker Murder raised on television

Six weeks after the murder of a 36-year-old man in his parents’ home in Skoftebyns in Trollhättan police are still no clear traces of what police believe may have been a contract killings, carried out by a hired killer. Tonight appears the father was assassinated in TV3’s program was called.

Television program takes up the case while very appreciative memory of the murdered Andreas Oscarsson from Trollhättan in recent days been reading both in several local newspapers and in national press. It describes 36-year-old of his friends from childhood, student and business community as very well-liked and popular, a generous, cheerful and very multifaceted person.

Father’s appearance in Wanted is in the hope that more people should be able to contribute with tips to the police to clear up the murder. The father is involved in a recorded element with distorted voice and no picture. He tells Swedish Radio West that it is prudent.

Because police believe that there is a contract killings, is in the circle of relatives of murdered worried. His two-year son, who was the grandfather of the villa in Skoftebyns in Trollhättan at the murder, is back with her mother in the United States.

Andreas Oscarsson managed by six shots. Murder weapon was probably a gun with a silencer, since neither his dad or neighbors in the densely populated residential area awoke.

2 Comments to “Police Investigating Andreas Oscarsson Murder as Mob-style Hit ”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    …..Sad. This probably will not be solved without someone coming forward. There won’t be any forensic evidence. If if was a .22 caliber, that looks even more like pros. Who would benefit from his death? Who thought they helped start the business with him, and didn’t get their share?

  2. DanM

    Who knew he was going to Sweden for the weekend? Had to be someone semi-close to him, right?

    The forensic evidence might not be there to get the actual shooter … but perhaps the electronic paper trail could lead them to whoever really wanted him dead?