PPA Partners with National Horse and Dog Racing Associations

In effort to delay Dec. 1 UIGEA enforcement deadline

by , Oct 23, 2009 | 1:40 pm

People may not realize this … because we have gotten along just fine even with the UIGEA for more than three years now … but December 1st is something of a D-Day for online poker. If no bill or procedural measure undoes the status quo in the next six weeks … well it’s not clear how the game will change, but it will. Dramatically.

That’s why the PPA has partnered with many groups to get this enforcement deadline extended — including the horse racing people, who should LOVE the UIGEA, since it specifically singles them out as A-OK. But even they know the law itself, as it was passed in 2006, is whack … and potentially will mess up their business big-time.

The PPA’s John Pappas gives a brief explanation:

2 Comments to “PPA Partners with National Horse and Dog Racing Associations ”

  1. nexgen

    Great post! People need to be active and get in front of this. I have been a PPA member for some time and have sent many letters to my representitives, not sure we are going to win this one though. The fact is that there are far bigger things going on in washington these days.

  2. CG Kendall

    As a Canadian I am free to play internet poker all over the world. I a really sorry that this will be removed from my friends in the US.
    Not being allowed to play PokerStars and Full-Tilt will be tough for a lot of people who are alone but given a window on the world by chatting while playing poker.
    I did not start to play until my mother had Alzheimer’s and I dont know how I could have passed the hours without the distraction of poker and the ability to chat all over the world.
    What do you do at 3:am after a dealing with family issues. An escape is necessary.
    The online world provides that.
    Last thing … 695 people signed up to play a free-roll for $5 prize money. How can this be so bad??