RE: Utah Rep Warns Fully Legal Gambling …

by , Oct 30, 2009 | 2:20 pm

More talk in the non-poker world about the $41 or $52 billion available via regulated online gambling. From the National Journal:

Gambling Regs Could Fill Gov’t Coffers

Maybe it is time to press the issue … not just for poker, but for the sake of US America?

2 Comments to “RE: Utah Rep Warns Fully Legal Gambling …”

  1. ChrisC

    Wow great info here. I agree maybe its time to really push this forward.

  2. Stefan Krause

    Of course they can make loads more revenue from the tax – better off having a $20 note go round again and again with a big chunk of that cash going to tax then have the $20 sat in a pocket or bank…

    check out for loads more info on gambling regulations and how they should be altered to protect the customer and help the country out!