RE: Poker for Kids

by , Nov 18, 2009 | 12:49 pm

Might this be a theme in 2010 … or do Katkin and I both just run with uber-degens looking to pass on their sick ways to children?

Fiona in Milwaukee posted the following on my Facebook wall:

Here’s kind of an odd question for you- do you know of any kids classes in poker in Vegas? I realize that it’s a bit of a controversial topic but I happen to fall on the side of believing that it teaches great critical thinking skills (and am amazed that parents who are against it are often perfectly fine with letting their kids sit mindlessly in front of a tv). Anyway, I’ll be in Vegas over Thanksgiving with the kids and my 11-year-old daughter always asks on our trips there if there is a place where kids can play. I’m assuming not but thought I’d ask…

I, of course, think it’s a great concept, and perhaps a sign that Joe Cada has already done a little inspiring?

We just gotta make sure the dudes who enter ladies events don’t see kids tourneys as “soft” fields to play against.

Oh, P.S., I do not know of any kids poker classes in Las Vegas. Wish I did though. No Chris Hansen jokes, please.

4 Comments to “RE: Poker for Kids”

  1. JaKat

    I’m sensing a market opportunity here. The WSOP Kids Academy?

  2. Spaceman

    *insert obligatory Chris Hansen joke here despite Dan’s plea not to*

  3. tom jackson

    Good new, I like it!

  4. scott diamond

    The only place I know kids can play in Vegas is at the Orleans casino. It’s not Poker but they have a Great Playroom with babysitting for 6.00 an hour.

    It’s not poker but it allows you to go play. Or just bring the PS3 and buy the WSOP game for it and let them stay in your hotel room and play all day 🙂