Hard Rock Running it Twice

by , Feb 5, 2010 | 8:55 pm

The Hard Rock Poker Lounge is getting its weekend poker orgy underway — this is the “relaunch” of the poker room there … under new management, with new ideas, and more action than usual …

They’ve got a full slate this weekend — beyond just the free food, splashed pots, a 20k guarantee Friday tourney and stuff like that … they’ve got a whole slate of events, including a Sharon Osborne celebrity charity event (Trash Talk Championship of the World they are calling it), a party for the launch of Victory poker. Currently filming (for ESPN 360, I believe, is a $100/$200 NLH cash game. $50k buy-in … with Antonio Esfandiari, Andrew Robl and others on the table … we’ll have some more names for you. And I think that’s The Maven waiting in the wings for a seat.

Click here for a rundown of all they’ve got going on.

Of course the game next table over is what really interests me — $1/$2 NLH/PLO … just an option to run-it-2x today, not automatic. But in my jaded opinion, that’s where the real poker is going on. The plan is to keep this game running throughout the weekend — as Super Bowl raffle is currently my 2010 bankroll plan.

More TK throughout the weekend … but here’s a glimpse of surprisingly early Friday night action taking off at the Hard Rock’s big poker weekend:

5 Comments to “Hard Rock Running it Twice”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    I thought it was being done for Bluff Media, apparently the cash game is tonight and tomorrow from what I heard. When it’ll actually appear online, dunno.

  2. DanM

    I have since learned, it’s just for internal, private DVD creation.

  3. wine of the month club

    Good to see the room coming back to life.

  4. Brian G.

    When did the room ever have a life to begin with? I went there last March and thought it was one of the worst rooms I ever played in. The dealers were idiots and the floor people were worse. I figured I might have caught a bad shift so I went a few days later, during the day this time. My initial impression was confirmed. I’ll give it one more run next month now that I have read this but that will be it if it still sucks.

  5. Johnny Hughes

    A little history on running them twice, or all night. There were no books, or odds calculators early on. Road gamblers had huge arguments over who had the best of it. A prop was, “You want to run it hot and cold for a hundred a pop.” That meant they’d set the hands up and run them over and over.

    Joe Floyd or maybe Lloyd is pictured in the World Series pictures. He was a con man mostly. His play was to limp, and then move in with a pair. However, this is a bad play because you run into a bigger pair. The mentality of gamblers, especially bookies, is that there is no such thing as a coin flip. I saw Joe and some other guy sit on a motel room bed and run that AK versus 8,8 prop over and over. They broke about even, but Joe had the best of it. It was bad because it took two players out of the poker game.