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by , Mar 22, 2010 | 11:38 am

I buried my RunBad Q1 2010 this past week — booking a $61 win by clawing my way back from bankroll despair, once after a terrible player got lucky … and then again after having to (smartly, I believe) fold away half my almost-back-to-even stack with Ace-King …

Last week’s game-sharpening lesson came from Pawel Nazarewicz, bka Verneer … pretty straight forward, on how to think through a hand when you don’t have the best of it, but you probably also don’t have the worst.

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BTW, the way it works … you sign up for TFPT, and then, as you play on Full Tilt and accumulate points, you get yourself a free Cardrunners (and/or StoxPoker) membership, giving you access to some 3,000 video lessons. Full Tilt won’t actually deduct your FTP points from your account, they just wanna know you are worthy of CardRunners’ time … you know how these things go.

11 Comments to “CardRunners Presents … ”

  1. BrendanEff

    Interesting stuff. Can we also getting lessons from Stoxtrader on how to hide our multiple accounts, and how to collude with friends in multi-way pots?

  2. DanM

    I’m not sure. I haven’t watched any of the Stoxtrader vids yet. But I suspect they are more likely to teach me the basics of playing straight-up PLO or something like that.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    For those wondering what Brendan’s talking about, a couple of posts from Stoxtrader:

  4. h

    copy and paste

  5. DanM

    you say that as if it’s a bad thing, h … why the hate?

  6. h

    thats all he does is c&p..and whenever he gets an idea of his own its wrong….he needs to get a life…and stop posting others ideas

  7. DanM

    really? you really believe that’s all kevmath does — and there is no appreciation for someone who knows where to find stuff on the internet for others anyhow?

    do you know who iggy is? he made quite a career out of cutting and pasting … but regardless … when done ethically and well, sometimes it works. likewise for Glenn Reynolds.

    i find mathers to be reliable, 99.8 percent accurate, and frankly a really hard guy to hate on. you obviously have some tech knowledge — because you’re able to hide your IP address — so it makes sense that some might wonder why he is able to find success in some capacity in this biz while you are not.

    hey, this is Sklansky, isn’t it?

  8. foo

    I don’t think Website/URL is required.

  9. DanM

    i meant IP address, not URL. For example, foo, I know you live at (or at least are visiting) But Kevmath’s hater apparently knows how to block that number from being recorded — or he’s an admin here at Pokerati — which either way might explain why he has so much loathing for Kevmath.

    not a big deal … all our work stands on its own, and frankly i’d put kevmath’s up over mine.

  10. DanM

    never mind, i found the IP thingy. h is not skilled, I’m just a moron. Would be totally lost without the likes of Kevmath and/or Edbucks.

  11. Card Chucker

    I’ll C&P h’s face.