RE: Big Austin Poker Robbery

Police details on the heist, one suspect arrested

by , Mar 29, 2010 | 4:55 pm

Police say they are hot on the case … details emerging about the Austin poker game that got robbed EPT-Berlin style (only for less money and with more gunfire) … and apparently this one — occurring in a middle-class residential neighborhood in northwest Austin — ain’t gonna go the way of poker robberies in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and others recently in Austin.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Dept. (woking with APD) has caught at least one of the suspected bandits after tracking down a (coincidentally German-made) possible getaway car. Osaro Osagie, 22, is currently in custody on felony charges of credit card abuse, for possessing one of the poker player’s stolen cards.

An investigation on the aggravated robbery is still ongoing, and thus police are saying little else at the moment.

This all shook down at a game in near West Anderson Lane and Mopac.

UPDATE: More on the heavily armed robbery from KXAN here.

4 Comments to “RE: Big Austin Poker Robbery ”

  1. Jim Gonzalez

    Very upsetting. Glad to hear that the police have caught one person. By the way, if you ever need to ship cars overseas, look up Auto Shipping Network. They do a great job. Take care!

  2. Bulldog Poker

    That’s extremely offensive…Hope that the polis will go to further investigation in that case…but glad to hear that the police have caught one person.

  3. DanM

    what’s the offensive part i’m missing, bulldog? is there some subtext to jim’s strange comment about shipping cars? we often take pleasure in offending people on this site … just hate to think i am missing some of the yuks!

  4. anonymous

    They caught one for credit card theft, then released him on bail. Total of all four are still on the loose. Anyone with any knowledge of this incident is asked to contact Robbery Division Detective Lechter w/ APD, 974-5270.