Brian Townsend Thinking Through a Hand

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by , Apr 12, 2010 | 4:06 am

More Brian Hastings … or at least I’m pretty sure it was Hastings Townsend. I’m just getting to know these online guys I’ve been hearing about but not really paying attention to for years … Did you see last week’s “Railbird Heaven” on Poker After Dark? It was some pretty awesome TV poker … and I think I’m starting to get why everybody’s so Durrrr-crazy. He really is a fascinating player, especially when facing tough opponents for meaningful stakes.

Anyhow, enough about Durrrr … Brian Townsend is one of his semi-regular opponents and the lesson I think he’s trying to give me this week is about 2nd or 3rd level thinking as it applies to bet sizing and bet timing:

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One Comment to “Brian Townsend Thinking Through a Hand ”

  1. zachdealer

    That was actually a deep stack cash game.