Durrrr Comes of Age as Full Tilt Pro

by , Apr 8, 2010 | 12:16 am

Even Superman eventually gave birth to Superboy (or somehow existed in a parallel universe with him) and likewise, Full Tilt is welcoming their newest Team Pro, Tom Dwan, with a soon-to-be-released poker-noir TV commercial all about the self-discovery of Durrrr.

The new advert came up in our Poker Beat pre-game discussion, and @GaryWise1 offered a solid explanation of its significance:

it’s really the first time any post-2003 face has appeared in a commercial for any of the big brands. It may be a topic for a different show, but dwan has proved it’s possible to take one’s place beside the old guard

Here’s the ad itself:

You can find a more thorough and detailed analysis of the business behind this pre-release sneak preview at Wicked Chops here.

5 Comments to “Durrrr Comes of Age as Full Tilt Pro”

  1. Rakewell

    First post-2003 face to appear in a FTP ad? Huh? What about Gus Hansen, who joined FTP in 2006? He has been showing up in their ads for a year or so now.

  2. DanM

    lol, yeah, and i came up with Greg Raymer 2004. Still, a few technical exceptions aside, I think Gary’s point is valid. Hope he’s not pissed at me for publishing our generally presumed-private exchange of not-vetted-for-publication chatter.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    I assume by post-2003 face Gary means poker players who hit it big circa WPT season one, like Gus.

  4. Rakewell

    Oh yeah, on Stars they use people as soon as they get them. Negreanu joined them in 2007 and is their main go-to guy for a face on ads. Hachem, Rousso, Grospelier are all way post-2003 and show up in their commercials.

  5. Adam

    I first saw this guy in an interview at the WSOP a few years ago when he wasn’t even 21 and just there to sweat his friends. Who would’ve known that in just a few short years he would have such an impact on the poker world.

    The commercial is kinda corny IMO, but still cool for what it is.