New Joe Cada (and friends) TV show preview

Friday Night Video

by , Apr 16, 2010 | 1:23 pm

Here’s a preview of a prospective reality show/documentary called 6th Street: Life After the River, featuring Joe Cada and four of his friends from Michigan. The trailer features the highs and lows Cada and friends experienced over the past few months, with Cada’s agent Dan Frank, hip-hop party band LMFAO, Darvin Moon, and others. No word yet on when the full program will be available, but expect more details shortly.

4 Comments to “New Joe Cada (and friends) TV show preview ”

  1. Andrew

    You are doing a great job.

  2. Mia Banana

    This show looks dope. More info? what network? Why haven’t i heard of this before?
    I wouldnt have expected Joe Cada to be this cool. His friends are so cool. How does he know lmfao?

  3. Jon

    3 things about this video I see…

    The guys are leeches
    The girls are gold diggers
    Joe Cada CAN’T dance.

  4. Cardplaya

    I heard the “guys” are great players in their own right…. and to me the show looks absolutely sick!!