Al D’Amato Rallying Poker Players in Washington State

by , May 21, 2010 | 7:45 pm

The somewhat nutty former Sen. Al D’Amato is getting ready for his upcoming trip to Washington — State, not DC — and is calling the online poker troops to action in Olympia, for the PPA’s big shindig in support of Lee Rousso at the state Supreme Court.

It really is an offensive law that Washington passed in 2006 — the Internet Gambling Ban, making it a felony to play a computer game online — regardless of where you stand on poker. But we’ll have to see how the non-poker masses take to one man’s challenge the constitutionality of such a government intrusive.

I’m pretty sure the WA Court doesn’t make its decisions on the spot, so it will likely be some time before we learn if the below vid that D’Amato and the PPA just put out is an invitation to a victory party or a battle cry. Either way, it’s still fun to hear D’Amato get all impassioned:

I don’t know Washington state’s gun laws, so for now it’s probably best to leave your weapons at home. But you can still suit up belligerently in appropriate rally attire:

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  1. DanM

    not sure if this speaks to my writing, or the effect of ADA’s mug … but the view stats on this video are very weak.

  2. Christian H

    Streaming coverage of WA State Hearing

    Watch the #poker arguments before the WA State Supreme Court live. Arguments heard at 9 AM PST today.