Jean-Robert Bellande Goes Broke

by , May 9, 2010 | 7:51 am

Swear I’m not mocking. Less than 12 hours ago, after all, I re-potted with two-pair in some 1/2 PLO at the Hard Rock, and then when the original pre-flop raiser check-shoved all-in, I felt I had to call …

But just a couple months ago I was watching Jean-Robert Bellande seemingly tear it up in the high-stakes room at the Commerce, sitting with easily 40 or 50k in front of him. But now, by his own admission on twitter, @BrokeLivingJRB is busto. Super-busto it seems. Terrible timing as we approach the WSOP.

Be sure to check out his twitter feed.

Name Jean-Robert Bellande
Location Las Vegas
Web http://WorldSerie…
Bio Poker Pro. Track my crazy swings as I take my bankroll from zero to a million.

Hmm, didn’t quite work out that way — or at least hasn’t yet. It’s so hard not to root for this guy. He knows himself, and just can’t control himself (?) … but still insists on being a “survivor” … and is willing to share his glorious collapse with all. Reading his tweets in reverse chronological order provides quite the revealing story about a poker unraveling … something all of us who aren’t consistent winners and don’t have real regular jobs may or may not wanna think about.

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