Low-Stakes Heads-UP NLHE Specialist

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by , May 4, 2010 | 12:40 am

If you haven’t noticed yet, the folks at CardRunners just completed a major overhaul of their newly expanded poker training website. Now more than just Brian Townsend’s blog … lol, you mean there was more to it all that time? Anyhow, now with a slicker interface and an even bigger library of training videos for players seeking either quick, situational refreshers or more serious studies on reads and subsequent actions throughout a game …

This week, I vid’d up with Markuis, apparently quite the low-stakes heads-up no-limit specialist. He must be good … because the bets and hands all seem to work out right for him on four separate, simultaneously running tables. I suppose it’s my task to figure out how … and maybe why.

To fast-track your path to success, get a little drinky before “school” and you could be 8-tabling his action. (Double the knowledge?)

Put in your own table-time for even more full-length CardRunners video lessons — Markuis heads-up excerpt below — at TrulyFreePokerTraining.com.

One Comment to “Low-Stakes Heads-UP NLHE Specialist ”

  1. Lectii Poker

    He pauses the movie as he explains what’s happening, but i find it really hard to play 4 tables at once and win. I can barely play Heads-up on 2 tables at once.