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MDoranD on low-stakes 6-max cash

by , Jun 22, 2010 | 4:06 pm

Wax on, wax off, paint the fence, sand the deck … I’m so ready for some higher stakes action — doing well not totally shitty at the PLO — but for some reason my virtual instructors at CardRunners sent me back to the $25 NL cash tables … to work with low- and micro-stakes specialist Matt Doran. Such bullshit I guess it’s all cool, rethinking the basics. We are playing short-handed, too, which I like … and he gives some valuable reminders on how to think through a weak-tight table that is capable of turning on a dime and doing something ridiculously stupid …

You can’t give up, right?

An hour with MDoranD and you’ll be ready to crane-kick your way through the little kids anywhere. Check this out … it’ just one student (not me) … but his before and after graphs are pretty impressive:

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One Comment to “CardRunners Presents … Truly Free Poker Training ”

  1. Nick Bordeau

    Man I wish I had this kinda luck.

    Every time I played on PokerStars, I would get creamed by the River. Maybe I should sit down and take a lesson from this guy.