Gary Wise a Finalist for Poker Chick Award

by , Jun 1, 2010 | 9:00 am

Woman Poker Player Magazine has some special awards — The Poker Maven Awards — that have nothing to do with online training and fauxhawks, but do show the love for those who have made some sort of special difference in the women’s sector of the poker world during the first half of 2010.

It’s a voting thing (give your email address to everyone!) … and you can cast your vote online here.

Special props and encouraged ballot-stuffing on behalf of former Pokerati contrib Jen Newell and current Poker Beat cohort Gary Wise, who is the only male nominee in the whole contest. (How pissed must BJ be to not get that nod?) They are duking it out in the Favorite Blogger or Author category, while our pals at LuvinPoker and CardRunners are also facing off for the Most Encouraging Poker Forum Award.

Click below for more deets about the honours — what, no special Courage Award for Clonie? — and a full list of contenders in what some might call a great big catfight on behalf of poker grace.

Voting Starts for Poker Maven Awards

Woman Poker Player Magazine is pleased to announce the official nominees for the Maven Awards 2010. The Maven Awards were announced in February this year and were created to recognize the achievements of women in poker both on and off the felt on a global scale. This is the inaugural year of the awards.

“I would like to congratulate everyone who was nominated for an award, and to thank everyone who spent time and their thoughts to enter their nominations.” said Maryann Morrison, Managing Editor of Woman Poker Player Magazine. “I found it interesting that the comments on the category for the most appealing marketing campaign to women were that many found current marketing campaigns derogatory and condescending to women. I hope that the Maven Awards will assist in turning that around.”

Each category of the Maven Awards has three official nominees named. These nominees were chosen based on number of nominations received from the over 3,000 nominations made. Voting begins the afternoon of June 1 and can be made at until September 30th, 2010. Further details on the presentations of the awards will be made public once they are available.

“I am very excited about the potential of the awards to heighten the profile of women in poker, as well as having the industry start thinking about making additional efforts to cater to the women who enjoy poker. As we have seen already this year, more women are winning major tournaments then ever before. I hope many people submit their votes to show their support for the accomplishments of the nominees.”

Some categories of the Maven Awards are based on answers that are female only, other categories were for mixed venues, portals, or people with the goal of recognizing those who went out of their way to make women feel comfortable in poker, or that helped women to excel in poker.

Gary Wise, who is the sole male nominee this year, had this to say about his Maven Award nomination. “”It’s such a privilege to be nominated. I’ve always felt that women have a more prominent place at the table awaiting them in the future and I’m hopeful that this nomination is a reflection of that attitude coming through in my work. Thanks to everyone who nominated me!”

Maven Awards 2010 Official Nominee List in no particular order

Best Role Model for Women in Poker Award
Jennifer Harman
Kathy Liebert
Annie Duke

Woman in the Poker Industry Who Has Excelled in Encouraging or Promoting Women in Poker Award
Linda Johnson
Kathy Raymond
Lupe Soto

Most Female Friendly Online Poker Room Award
Full Tilt Poker
Maria Poker

Most Female Friendly Poker Room Award
The Venetian, Las Vegas
The Borgata, Atlantic City
The Bicycle, California

Overall Best Tournament Series Award
World Series of Poker
PokerStars Caribbean Adventure
The Borgata Open

Best Ladies Only Poker Tournament or Series Award
High Heels PokerTour
WSOP Ladies Tournament
Pokerstars EPT Ladies Events

Most Appealing Poker Marketing Campaign to Women Award
Australian Poker League
Vanessa Rousso Bootcamps
Pokerica Ladies Team

Most Encouraging Poker Forum Award

Favorite Blogger or Author Award
Kate Dozier
Gary Wise
Jennifer Newell

Humanitarian Award
Liz Lieu
Annie Duke
Linda Johnson

Most Notable Performance of 2009 Award
Annette Obrestad
Kathy Liebert
Vanessa Rousso

Top Female Media Personality Award
Kara Scott
Michelle Orpe
Linda Johnson

Notable Upcoming Female Poker Player of 2009 Award
Annette Obrestad
Amanda de Cesare
Vanessa Selbst

Outstanding Professional Player of 2009 Award
Vanessa Rousso
Kathy Liebert
Liz Lieu

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13 Comments to “Gary Wise a Finalist for Poker Chick Award”

  1. Andrew


  2. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Can’t we just regard Gary as a nominee like everyone else? And not a male nominee? 🙂

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Two things:

    Is that @AsianSpa in the picture?

    Also, NVG not nominated as the most encouraging forum? I’m shocked.

  4. DanM

    Shamus, you are now a finalist for best blog comment by a semi-fictional character!

  5. DanM

    @Kevmath … I wouldn’t mind seeing sort of an inverse awards, to call out those who are the worst in poker when it comes to gender relations. I’d think Donkdown/Neverwin just might slightly edge out NVG.


    Awards for almost anything now. DonkDown site is pretty harsh and cannot compare to Gary at all. Gary from what I have always read does not degrade or belittle anyone.

    Im done with posting in forums and most likely blogging too. Concentrating on my hobby which is Poker and I am no longer doing Fallen Heroes so I have the time to work on my game. I am also very busy at work which really isn’t good news for the citizens of LA.

    Finished 12th at the Orleans Friday night game this week out of the 161 players and played a satellite at WSOP really well.My set of Jacks lost to 9-3 of diamonds but thats Poker.

    Gary gave me my start in the Blogging community and I will always be very very grateful to him. I have spoke with him many times over the past 3 years and he is ONE of the good people in the game.

    Hope he gets the best blogger award he is an awesome writer!

  7. BJ Nemeth

    BJ is very pissed! Damn those dyke-bitches!

    Before anyone thinks that sentence is serious, it’s an inside joke for Poker Beat listeners when I said “Dyke Bitch” in context of a larger discussion about how Joan Rivers might use derogatory terms for female athletes (as opposed to poker players) if one of them had become her enemy instead of Annie Duke.

    IT’S A JOKE, PEOPLE! I’m very proud of Jen Newell and Gary Wise for their award-nominated recognition.

  8. WPP Mag

    Dan’s post here receives more publicity than the press release I paid for (sigh). 🙂

    Jen and Gary are great of course, as are all the nominees. Obviously many people agree. BJ I think you and Shamus rock too, there are a lot of great authors out there.

    Shamus, it was mentioned that Gary was the only male nominee as I had already had others (who probably haven’t read his work) questioning why he was being included – I was personally happy to see him in the nomination results – and that category was not for female nominees only for reason. On a selfish note, Gary is included in the press release partially so that I am not bombarded by emails, and the fact he is a wonderful person all round.

    The nominations really have nothing to do with me or the publication, as its the poker community who nominated these very deserving people. I was happy with the nomination results. Anyway thanks for the discussions, please keep it up! 😀

  9. BJ Nemeth

    No worries, WPP Mag. I would have been shocked if I had been nominated. (Shamus, on the other hand, would have been a good fit.)

  10. BJ Nemeth

    Actually, you should probably implement a “Dyke Bitch” clause in the rules. Anyone who utters those words on an award-winning podcast is automatically disqualified from being nominated.

  11. WPP Mag

    lol. See? Great ideas! 😉

  12. Mario

    Is it me or has anybody else noticed that 4 of the 5 past winners of the World Series main event names have started with the letter J???


    (formerly Mario)

  13. Mario

    Is it me or has anybody else noticed that 5 of the 6 past winners of the World Series main event names have started with the letter J???

    Coincidence or trend?

    Just a thought.


    (formerly Mario)