The Poker Beats: Early Summer Anthology

Cereus security, the 2010 WSOP, a new-and-more teethy UIGEA, Mizrachi power, prop bets, and lots more

by , Jun 5, 2010 | 10:48 pm

Have fallen behind on The (Award-Winning) Poker Beat … So to get you caught up, here are 4.5 hours of the latest in Poker Beat power — enough for any WSOP-wonk to step into Week 2 fully prepared to understand what they’ll really be getting into.

The Poker Beat
TPB (and skilled technician John V) won’t let interstate technical snafus get in the way of award-winning deliverables. With BJ at the helm and Huff watching from the booth in LA, Jess and Wolfman discuss what may or may not be going on as the WSOP and the post-hardened UIGEA era get underway almost simultaneously … all while Michael Mizrachi takes down the first big bracelet of the Series, the Nevada Gaming Control Board clamps down on dot-net poker relationships, a thieving player tries to palm a stack of chips, and Joran van der Sloot allegedly kills again while hitting the Latin American poker circuit.

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Jess, BJ, and I arrive at the Rio, and kick it a little more freeform to trade notes on what we’re hearing, what we’re seeing, and WTF the masses were thinking on American Idol, which is obviously rigged.

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Gary, BJ, and Jess Welman preview what to expect at and from the 2010 WSOP. A week in, were they right?

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A political shit-storm is brewing … and though Wolfman was supposed to do the “ranting”, Gary and Huff went hardcore nuts while addressing the most recent Cereus security issues, and Gary (at about 28 min in) gives what might be the best explanation of why all in poker should be angry at all things Ultimate Bet and Absolute, including those who still play on either site.

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  1. MattWaldron

    Best poker podcast hands down. Now in print. Twice.

  2. DanM

    Daniel Negreanu seems to agree. So, we’ll take it!