Bloch returns to Rio to defend Internet freedom

by , Jul 21, 2010 | 8:29 pm

Andy Bloch played over 30 tournaments at the Rio during the WSOP this summer, but he’ll make one more visit to the Rio Thursday morning as part of Netroots Nation (formerly known as the YearlyKos Convention). Netroots is a gathering of progressive voices to help better influence public debate on a variety of issues taking place at the Rio through Sunday, July 25th. An example of what you can expect during the weekend include these panels: Tweeting the Revolution: How Hip-Hop Transformed 140 into 360, Deepwater Disaster: Response and Recovery on the Gulf Coast and Bringing the Snark after Winning Elections. A variety of social events include a poker tournament sponsored by the PPA on Friday evening at Buzio’s.

Bloch will be part of a panel entitled Internet Freedom: Protecting Rights in the Digital Realm in a section of the Brasilia Room, home of the Bad Beat Bar during this year’s WSOP.

The description of the panel:

Freedom must be protected everywhere it is threatened. The FCC has an opportunity to protect Internet users from telecom interests seeking to exploit them. This session will dissect the fight for an open Internet to this point and share strategies for building grassroots support to achieve real Internet Freedom.

The description of Bloch mentions his work with the PPA as part of a grassroots effort to protect the rights of poker players live and online. How much of that will be mentioned during the panel is unknown, but you can watch the discussion from 10:30am-11:45am PT on

2 Comments to “Bloch returns to Rio to defend Internet freedom”

  1. Picture and Poker

    That is one of the reason why i love Andy Bloch. Not only do i admire him on the felt but this kind of act from him is just commendable.

    go Andy!

  2. Wolynski

    Andy Bloch is 100% correct – the discussion shouldn’t be about poker (or backgammon or bingo) played for money online, but about the freedom to piss away your own money how you see fit. If they forbid poker, what are they going to go after next?