Boat Parking

by , Jul 7, 2010 | 2:15 pm

Let me just brag on Pokerati’s coverage for a bit, and say that without a doubt we’ve got the top parking-lot reporters in all of poker. If Bluff magazine had a Reader’s Choice Award category for this, @robertgoldfarb should definitely be a finalist. He’s still too young to be in the Parking Lot Reporting Hall of Fame, but his latest gem — capturing the peculiarities of those who flock to Vegas unashamed of their poker natures — was spotted on a Dodge at Bellagio, presumably belonging to a player who isn’t necessarily ostentatious, but recognizes the greatness of a specific flop and maybe turn when playing two really big cards.

2 Comments to “Boat Parking”

  1. Rakewell

    I’ve been occasionally snapping poker-related license plates and posting them on my blog for about a year now. See:

  2. DanM

    nice! glad to know @robertgoldfarb and i have some competition. should keep him on his toes.

    (and funny that 2OUTR seems to be spotted by many of us.)

    have you been making it up to the series much, grump? i still have a T-shirt for you.