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by , Jul 12, 2010 | 9:26 pm

A few quicklinks, as I clean off my desktop while getting ready for the pseudo-final stage of the 2010 WSOP, which got started pretty much earlier today …

USA Today declares: WSOP is recession-proof.

Also from USA Today: Emmit Smith has an increasing love for poker, sparked by charity efforts backed by Full Tilt.

Timtern’s got a new Top Tweets column in Bluff. The follow-up editorial is what makes it better than most.

@Pokerati got props in Vegas Seven’s own top-tweets column, called Tweets of the Week.

Lacey Jones profiled in Vegas Seven magazine.

Lon McEachern wearing Tom’s Loudmouth jacket, via the WithLeather sports blog.

Do we have to fear the WSOP-Media event becoming the next ladies event? Technically it’s discriminatory and demeaning to media. But for some reason far fewer protested when Michael Craig’s assistant Shauna took his seat to play her first ever poker event.

Meanwhile, while there are plenty of signs of (Lost) Vegas refinding its economic way, the once luxurious Riviera has filed for bankruptcy.

3 Comments to “WSOP- and Poker-Related ”

  1. Pokerlagg

    good information links about poker

  2. Michael Craig

    I’ve played three times in the Media Event and Shauna did FAR better than any of those performances of mine. I made her play it, though the joke ended up being on me.
    Michael Craig
    The Full Tilt Poker Blog

  3. DanM

    the media tourney was definitely different this year — but i kinda liked it. seemed more about getting to play with the people we’ve seen around the rio for weeks, moreso than about the “media” or “celebrity” component. i went in with very low expectations and left enjoying it more than i thought i would.