License Plate Scandal at the Rio?

by , Aug 8, 2010 | 10:41 am

Got an email the other day from an entity @WickedChops … a pic of a distinctly pokery license plate, taken “w/ iPhone before leaving WSOP from players parking lot where RVs were”, to which I thought cool, thanks, awesome! gahdammit you always gotta be showing off with your fancy photography and special rail-girl cameras …

Then I saw the plate and thought, pfft, dude we so already got that one … but it is a nicer pic, I guess. Just an iPhone, really?

Then I went back to the original post about this specific license plate, also spotted at the Rio during the WSOP, shortly before the main event … and WTF?

There’s gotta be a story here, if not a dead body or at least a prop bet …

Though presumably not involved, the West Virginia variety of this plate original is here.

11 Comments to “License Plate Scandal at the Rio?”

  1. josh

    pretty simple explanation, actually. the guy who owned the 626 upgraded to the BMW and kept the personalized plates for the new car. happens a lot.

  2. All in

    The BMW looks like a plastic plate. There are no indentations for the stickers, and the sun doesn’t extend all the way to the right. Why would someone have a plastic plate made and use ‘All 1N’ and not ALL IN, no idea.

  3. DanM

    @josh if that is the case, sounds to me like a good story in and of itself — going from 626 to bmw at the wsop!


    The All 1n plate looks the same your right about the indentations but that does not look like an “I” more like a “One” So I am guessing it’s real because either Nevada will not let “ALL In” it might be considered offensive or someone already has the plate and this person was smart and put a “One” to make it look like an “I”

  5. DanM

    right, but they BOTH have the same numeral “1” in place of the letter “I”! i’ve looked closely multiple times … clearly the same plate!


  6. traction

    Nevada is a two plate state. I would bet the BMW rear plate is different. Front one either 1)same owner as mazda 2)stolen from mazda owner 3)purchased from mazda owner or 4)won in a prop bet with mazda owner. 🙂

  7. traction

    or Josh is right and since pictures weren’t taken at same time maybe they sold the mazda and upgraded to BMW and took plates with them.

  8. scottdiamond

    same plate. Like the previous poster said, probably bought a new car and took his plates with him. Very common with people who have personalized plates. My good friend has had the same plate on his car since he was 18, 36 years.

    The numeral one is what makes this plate so unique.

  9. Uncle Ray

    I totally agree with you, Dan, that the REAL story is to find the guy (or gal) who used WSOP winnings to upgrade their ride.

  10. BoogaChai

    Go find any cop and simply ask ’em to run it. Then track the guy/gal down and you’ve got your story baby!

  11. DanM

    Are you volunteering? Awesome. Do the stuff you said, send me an email, and we’ll go from there. Cool? No pay. Awesome again. You the man!