BJ & the Redhead with 10 Minutes and an iPad

by , Oct 18, 2010 | 11:03 am

My goodness, how many new poker (and non-poker) internet shows can there be … it’s like everyone in the world has a built-in laptop cam and a connection to the internet!

But this new venture from a couple of Poker Beat cohorts on the tournament coverage frontlines could actually do it for me, as I can’t think of a more morning-friendly way to find out all I need to know about WPT-Bellagio/Festa as it nears the money bubble. It’s like Regis & Kelly for poker junkies in a G4 generation.

Topics of the day include Allen Kessler, Phil Ivey, Annette Obrestad, and Matt Affleck … but really, it’s way more fun that that. 🙂

3 Comments to “BJ & the Redhead with 10 Minutes and an iPad”

  1. Katkin

    Now we have to get B.J. to team with Greenstein so we can bring back B.J. & the Bear… and the Redhead.

  2. B.S.

    They should name the show “The Suited Pair” or “The Suitable Pair”.

    I think the real reason BJ complains about not sharing a room with Jess is because he likes her and not because he wants his own.

    I know, BJ’s preference for companionship goes 1) Dogs 2) Men 3) Women 4) Gingers, but it’s obvious he will make an exception here.

  3. DanM

    lol, i would totally dismiss your title suggestion if you weren’t so spot-on about BJ!