Voter Registration Deadline Days away

PSA from the PPA

by , Oct 7, 2010 | 3:42 am

The PPA reminds you to register to vote. I’m already registered … or at least I’m pretty sure I am … got that card around here somewhere. Because for all the political games in play, the Poker Players Alliance assures us that good-ole-fashioned voting is an important part of the process, too:

October 12, 2010 is the last day you can register to vote in the State of Nevada. This years election will be crucial to protecting your rights to play poker. Make sure you have a say by making sure you are registered to vote.

While voter registration by mail and Internet has closed in Nevada, you can still register in person until Tuesday, October 12th.

For a listing of county clerks and voter registrars, click here.

Remember, this election is vital to protecting your rights as a poker player. Don’t let your voice go unheard. Register to vote today. And don’t forget to head to the polls Tuesday, November 2nd to cast your ballot.

Yep, they’re right … and with that in mind, I’m giving a go on poli-bets, wagering with Kevmath that Harry Reid will, despite what polling suggests, beat Sharron Angle+9 (gulp?), and that her official Tea Party underminer Scott Ashjian will out-score NOTA, which is a real ballot option here in Nevada.

It’s all about jobs this year, supposedly …

6 Comments to “Voter Registration Deadline Days away ”

  1. Easycure

    Only a fool would bet on Reid. Or vote for him.

  2. DanM

    I’m definitely no I’m no Reid fanboy — his best asset a far as I can tell seems that he’s a skillful politician. We’ll see how I make out, er, I mean Reid and the Democratic Senate majority, no wait … the people of Nevada blah blah blah …

    Hairy reads (har har) on the Nevada electorate.

  3. Tim

    A vote for Sharron Angle is a vote against poker

  4. John

    Does Sharron Angle have a stated position on poker? I searched Google News for “Sharron Angle poker” and didn’t find anything. I would think/hope that if she is Tea Party supported then she would be more libertarian and not have the government involved in any way.

  5. JamesDaBear

    considering UIGEA was conservatives’ idea in the first place and the opposition to HR 2267 is mostly Republican, if you don’t think your favorite Republican will vote against party lines, then a vote for ANY Republican is a vote against poker.

  6. John

    I don’t disagree that it’s pretty much all the Republicans fault. I’m hoping that “Tea Party” candidates are Independents or Libertarians that just know you need an ‘R’ or ‘D’ after your name to get elected. Angle did defeat in the primary the endorsed Republican that was party chairwoman.