Dinner Break Overview

by , Nov 6, 2010 | 6:48 pm

This is proving a work in progress, but I want to see how much I deem someone a winner, loser, or a coinflip, so after every name we’ll have a W-L-T record. I do this because it’ll be interesting to see how one’s record stacks up against how they actually finished. If they didn’t get selected, we’ll assume its a tie. Obviously if I deem someone other than the November Nine a place of triumph or doom, not gonna bother keeping score for them.


  • Michael Mizrachi (2-0-0): Captured the chip lead after 4-betting Duhamel, he’s becoming a true menace to the table. The only player he can’t seem to figure out is Filippo Candio, but Candio has problems of his own.
  • The crowd: The audience is finally starting to get excited. Might have something to do with more action, or it might have to do with the imbibing. Either way, no complaints here.
  • Jonathan Duhamel (0-0-2): Holding his own, but he’s taken a bit of a beating from Grinder, almost didn’t put him in the winner column because of this.


  • Joesph Cheong (1-0-1): He’s in a holding pattern, but in better shape than Senti at least.
  • Jason Senti (2-0-0): Started to slip, then picked up chips from Racener, for the most part though in a holding pattern.
  • John Racener (0-1-1): The clock was seriously starting to work against him. He’s been in a holding pattern for most of day, but got lucky with QQ and doubled up through Filipio Candio. He proceeded to lose a portion of that to Jason Senti later on in the hour. Right before the dinner break he got some chips off of Joesph Cheong, who as stated was rather quiet.


  • Filipio Candio (0-0-2): Oops, he ran into Racener’s pocket queens, which saved a shortstack’s life at his expense. I would call it karma, but the bluff-show from the last level wasn’t worth that much. His one glimmer was (apparently) bluffing Grinder again when he over-shared 7-something preflop.
  • John Dolan (1-1-0): He’s a “loser” here because he did nothing, and he’s not exactly in a position to do that. He needs to get something going soon, or the 500k/1M blind level is gonna hurt.
  • Dan Michalski: For violating his own cheering policy. (left over from the last level, but I just saw this Tao of Pokerati podcast took place.)

Interesting Notes

  • People in the media can be very, very touchy at time. Just saying.
  • Also, there are patches on a couple players promoting a website that specializes in flipping real estate. Greatest irony of the day: One of those players is Michael Mizrachi.
  • When you are trying to describe what is going on in the WSOP to people on the way to your hotel room during break…sometimes its hard. Someone thought Joe Cada was still in the Main Event (either that or I just know way too much).

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