Level 39 Overview

by , Nov 7, 2010 | 12:06 am

We are trying to power through this, look toward @Pokerati and @Mark_Gahagan for updates.


  • Joseph Cheong (2-0-2): He seems to be staying above the fray as of right now, and has the chip lead after Grinder’s failed attempt to knock out John Racener. In fact, he’s the first player to jump the 70 million chip mark, something I thought I would have been saying about Grinder.


  • Filippo Candio (0-1-3): Amazingly there hasn’t been much from Filippo this level. And for some reason, I’m ok with that. The lack of weird bluffs is…umm…keeping me sane at this hour. He’s getting a little short, but perhaps waiting can lead to good things.
  • Jonathan Duhamel (2-0-2): Duhamel eliminated John Dolan when his pocket fours held up against Dolan’s Q5dd. This helped make him a presumptive table of 3 contender. HOWEVER, he has a habit of dumping chips, and he proceeded to lose in a bad beat AK < AQ. Then he calls his tournament life with A9 and beats Mizrachi’s 33. Wild ride to say the least.
  • John Racener (0-2-2): He got it in good against Grinder with AKo and clinched it with a King on the turn. Much better off now and is putting people like the Grinder to the test. However, later in the level, he definitely quieted down.


  • John Dolan (1-3-0): Some players I will elevate to coinflip status depending on how they finished, Senti was a resuck situation. Dolan’s was a….bad coinflip. Congratulations on the 6th place finish and in fairness he didnt want a call, but he got it and the board gobbled up a cold-decked player. Still, the run was a little lackluster at the end, which was unfortunate for him.
  • Michael Mizrachi (4-0-0): Mizrachi’s call of John Racener’s all-in was pretty bad, A8dd wasn’t gonna hold up to AK. As such, he splurged a mountain of chips. He then lost half his stack to Duhamel in a all-in shove with 33. He, and this is the only way I can describe it, has blown up. Two big mistakes cost him over 60% of his stack from the beginning of the level. Regardless of what he did to chip up from his low of 28m, he was the definitely loser of this level.

Interesting Notes

  • Grinder has done something I only thought people like me were capable of, blow a decent stack on two questionable all in plays.
  • Racener is back in the mix of things, but his fans appear to be MIA.
  • Jack Effel seems to get more insane with more time at the mike, maybe its his version of crack?
  • Some (weak!) media have already left the building. I’m gonna do my best to stick around.

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