Racener Backpedals (a Little) on Accusations of Sorel Mizz-conduct

On Record (Part II)

by , Feb 22, 2011 | 3:12 pm

Pokerati just received the following “official statement” via email from John Racener regarding his accusation that Sorel Mizzi slipped himself a joker in a private headsup Chinese Poker match at the PCA.

“Though I stand by my original claims of cheating on Sorel’s part, I feel that it was extremely irresponsible to make statements regarding Sorel’s mental state at the time and immediately following the incident. After much thought, I realize now that taking such matters to a public forum is dangerous and can be detrimental to the person that is being talked about. I also should not have allowed the matter to be addressed by a third party in a public forum. I look forward to putting this incident far behind me. This matter is being dealt with between Sorel and I, and I consider the topic to be closed.”

It appears that we should not be expecting a debut 2p2 post from Racener in the dramabomb Deeb thread after all.

3 Comments to “Racener Backpedals (a Little) on Accusations of Sorel Mizz-conduct ”

  1. Ben Devlin

    Looks like a classic case of “technology regret”. The last 10 years has brought us into an age where we have to be very careful with our emotions. It use to be that we had an opinion on something and we complained to our friends on the phone or in person. The conversation may spread to a few other friends, but in the grand scheme of things, not many people got involved.

    Social media and the internet has certainly changed that! We post things on Facebook, Forums, and Twitter instantly. And, although it is how we feel at that moment, it spreads like wildfire and may not represent exactly what we want everyone to know about the situation! Once we have a chance to calm down and think about it, we have to go public again to clear the muddy water.

    Do I fault Racener? Absolutely not! I respect him for making this “Official Statement” and hope that it gets resolved. Maybe next time, the story will come straight from him instead of a 3rd party.

  2. Steve C

    I can’t respect anyone who is 25 and already has 3 DWIs. It’s just a matter of time before he kills someone. (I’m sure most will think this comment is off topic and inappropriate)

  3. Me

    I agree with Steve C. 🙂