Nevada Introduces Bill to Regulate Internet Poker

Incumbent operators (like Stars & Tilt) OK’d, Caesars a little pissed at intrastate language

by , Mar 10, 2011 | 5:03 pm

Much more to say on this one … but a lot of moving parts to get our arms around. And I have a feeling just like I took the wrong side on any Gov. Chris Christie (New Jersey) veto bets … that I may have to eat some words muttered on this week’s episode of Rabbit Hunt.

Nevada wants in on the regulating online poker game … and introduced a bill today to do just that. But many are curious … a Caesars legal counsel seems downright irked … about how the state the Harry Reid built could be pushing an intrastate measure, when they want interstate.

OK, yeah yeah, Harry Reid didn’t build the whole state, I know. He would have to be like 140 years old for that to tbe true. But you know this kinda thing isn’t moving to the point that it did today without him having at least some finger in it. Right? State and federal are usually different … but internet poker kinda became the US Senate Majority Leader’s baby … or at least his bratty nephew.

Line it up: the pre-regulation of online poker continues … and the game is just getting extra good.

One Comment to “Nevada Introduces Bill to Regulate Internet Poker ”

  1. JamesDaBear

    If Caesar’ s is pissed, we may finally be getting somewhere.