New Jersey Intrastate iGambling Decision Day

Governor Christie holds press conference

by , Mar 3, 2011 | 8:42 am

Governor Christie is expected to announce today if he will sign/veto/ignore S490 which, if made law, “permits Internet wagering at Atlantic City casinos under certain circumstances.”

He is holding press conference shortly at 11am EDT, where he is expected to comment on his decision.

A live stream of Christie’s press conference can be watched-> here.

4 Comments to “New Jersey Intrastate iGambling Decision Day”

  1. CptnMik

    The channel is password protected. How can I watch then?

  2. Scarlet Robinson

    Well.. it’s 11:24AM EDT and no live feed yet on site. In addition, somewhere at about 11AM they stuck a password protection on the entrance to the link above.

    I’m sitting in the chat room with about 9 poli-poker-geeks who got in the chatroom before 11AM. We think Christie got stuck at a sit-n-go. 😉

    So much for smooottth live press.

  3. Dan Michalski

    the live-stream is password protected. do you know what it is?

  4. Scarlet Robinson

    They locked down the site and never unlocked it at 11am.

    I’m writing a post on what happened.