Barney Frank Calls out Obama for Online Poker Smackdown

by , Apr 18, 2011 | 3:25 pm

In a bout of Democrat-on-Democrat tongue-lashing, longtime online gambling champion Rep. Barney Frank pointed to the Obama Administration, which oversees the DOJ, for pointless prosecutions and an unsmart use of resources, but came short of defending any indicted online poker defendants.

Frank mocked the seizures as the administration “protecting the public from the scourge of inside straights,” and lamented that the Justice Department is more focused on prosecuting online poker sites than those responsible for the mortgage crisis and financial meltdown.

“Go after the people responsible for empty houses, not full houses,” Frank added.

Doh! Barney was doing so well with that first poker metaphor, but then kinda blew it with the addendum, imho.

Still, you see the venerable liberal Congressman willing to finger the President more so than Bill Frist and the Republicans or Eric Holder and SDNY or Spencer Bachus or anyone else. Why would he direct his balk at Barack like this? Sour grapes, non-partisan principle, or something more he’d like the DC press corp to know about Obama’s role in the timing of these indictments?

One Comment to “Barney Frank Calls out Obama for Online Poker Smackdown”

  1. beelzebubba

    The whole thing stinks of corruption, fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayers money. Players knew they ran this risk, the owners knew what they were doing and the govt knew what was going on. These indictments should not be a suprise to anyone. Everyone now wants to step back and cry foul? Thats bullshit. In order to collect your money you have 2 choices. 1. implicate yourself in multiple federal crimes or 2. Go on vacation offshore, set up an offshore bank account and cash out to it. You may legally bring in $9,999.99 at a time in cash without having to fill out forms for the dept. of homeland security.Personally, I think its a good thing. Chances are the owners of these sites do not have in an account all of the sums they should in trust. History tells us that without regulation to keep businesses like this in check the owners skim. Furthermore, It will be the upper middle management that will take the fall for the real owners and shareholders of these criminal enterprises unless the “figureheads” turn state’s evidence. Follow the money to the truth.
    I find it highly questionable the timing of this indictment preceeding the election cycle, I find the motives for the indictment to in fact be completely political. Why now, when they just let the unindicted co conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation of the Hook? Its a gangster govt move by the ultimate gangsters US politicians and against original gangsters US gamblers