Run for a Million

La keeps cashing on WSOP circuit, has really cool new Team Pokerati hat

by , Apr 11, 2011 | 5:57 am

CORRECTION: Turns out we overlooked two cashes for David in St. Louis and one in Florida. Pokerati regrets the error(s) … and, of course, basing the entire premise of a post around them. still working to rectify their contribution to the misinformation.

la sengphet poker wsop st. louis circuit

La Sengphet, seen here signing off on her latest final table chipstack, is becoming a familiar face deep in WSOP circuit events.

david clark poker wsop circuit

DC, not so much …

When resident Team Pokerati lovebirds La Sengphet and David Clark started off their 2011s with matching WSOP circuit rings, we thought we might see another Sosa/McGwire sitch … a back-and-forth poker slugfest propelling the Dallas couple to seats in the new WSOP Circuit National Championship million-dollar freeroll that’ll kick off the 2011 WSOP in late May. It seems we were at least half-right.

Most recently, La made a final table in a $345 Omaha Hi Lo event in St. Louis and followed that with a 13th place finish in a $345 NLH — enough for her to surpass her boyfriend’s total winnings for the year. But perhaps more important — and a more exciting reason for me to be paying attention to relatively minor events at Harrah’s Mid-America — she played her way to 30 more WSOP circuit points!

Of those who don’t automatically qualify, there’ll be some 34 seats won … and La is currently tied for 16th. Click here to understand how WSOP circuit points work. (I just learned myself.) And click here to see the current national leaderboard.

At this point, with just three more circuit stops left — Caesars Palace, Chester, PA, and a regional championship in New Orleans — there’s an extra level of intensity to these otherwise smaller events. Not sure if the national championship, which should prove to be one of the more skill-packed tourney fields of the year, is helping create a new generation of rounder pros, or just answering their call. But either way, with so much on the line for these minor leaguers hoping to build a career … how awesome is La’s hat?

See below, the 2011 family scorecard for Pokerati’s favorite poker couple currently on tour:

Jan 7: WSOP-Choctaw
DC – 1st / $50,921 – $345 No Limit Hold’em

Jan 9: WSOP-Choctaw
La – 2nd / $4,953 – $235 No Limit Hold’em Ladies Event

Jan 21: Borgata Winter Open, Atlantic City
La – 29th / $1,156 – $500 No Limit Hold’em

Feb 10: WSOP-Tunica
La – 1st / $ 32,394 – $555 No Limit Hold’em

Feb 13: WSOP-Tunica
La – 10th / $11,121 – $1,600 No Limit Hold’em Main Event

Feb 28: WSOP-Palm Beach Kennel Club
DC – 44th / $506 – $345 No Limit Hold’em

Feb 28: WSOP-Palm Beach Kennel Club
La – 35th / $558 – $345 No Limit Hold’em

Apr 2: WSOP-St.Louis
DC – 20th / $1,749 – $345 No Limit Hold’em

Apr 3: WSOP-St.Louis
La – 7th / $1,897 – $345 Omaha Hi Lo

Apr 5: WSOP-St.Louis
DC – 14th / $1,546 – $345 No Limit Hold’em

Apr 8: WSOP-St.Louis
La – 13th / $2,113 – $345 No Limit Hold’em

2 Comments to “Run for a Million ”

  1. zero2hero

    love my name. john david clark. all my friend know me as david or dc, but all the cashiers know me as john. add that in with all the different addresses i’ve had over the last few years and searching for my results takes five or six different pages to tabulate. not to mention the other john clarks out there who sometimes show up with my results.

    these are my series results from the last two events, had a couple deep runs here and a mini cash in florida- and a pokerati hat ready if i hit a ft.


    st louis:

  2. Dan Michalski

    your name is very hard to spell. and cool on the extra cashes. of course now the whole premise of the joke at your expense is blown … and i think la still has some catch-up to do to surpass you in winnings for the year.