WPT Free-money Site Running UB Cheating Software?

by , Jun 8, 2011 | 2:04 pm

Though I’m not expert enough to confirm or deny any validity, this video did give me pause. To the untrained eye, it sure does look like possible (if not certain) cheating software in play on ClubWPT, the World Poker Tour’s subscription-based non-gambling site — you know, the one Mike Sexton is heavily pimping on Poker After Dark (in commercial spots previously occupied by Full Tilt) as the safest American online poker alternative out there.

Interesting to see the code explained, visually, for a clearer understanding of how God-mode in the UB Scandal probably worked … then extra-curious to realize Jim Ryan, CEO of WPT-parent Party Gaming, was CEO of Excapsa Software, Ultimate Bet partner, during the heyday of cheating on their site.

And while some may think little of it, because hey, it’s just pretend money … we all know free-play online poker isn’t just about the joys of truly amateur poker … it’s about preparation for real-money online gambling. The WSOP is pushing their free Facebook-app game throughout the Amazon Room, after all, and Zynga takes a rake in their “cash games”. Do a Google search for “Zynga poker rigged” or “Facebook poker scam” … The screams of cheating and scandal are more outrageous than AP/UB/Cereus ever coulda had to cover up.

Whether the apparent security flaws at Club WPT are a matter of coincidence, ignorance, incompetence, or shenanigans, it does make you wonder who will be ready for American players when real-money online poker comes into play.

14 Comments to “WPT Free-money Site Running UB Cheating Software?”

  1. Mark Gahagan

    Even without this analysis it doesn’t take much to see that ClubWPT is using an older version of the UB software. This video just shows how lazy they were and didn’t even bother to delete/change some of the ultimatebet references.

  2. Dan Michalski

    exactly … but if these are going to be the new players, you gotta wonder about their commitment to security (easy to be lax when you can always rectify freeplay problems with a promise of a refund).

    at a minimum i think this should be a sigificant embarrassment.

    FWIW, WPT’s facebook app was the one using WSOP logos in illicit ways. If perception has anything to do with reality, that’s two strikes against them.

    But you are maybe one of those guys who thinks freeplay sites don’t matter?

  3. Mark Gahagan

    Well they are going to have to matter if they are the only option poker players legally have for a while. I do agree though, that this should be embarrassing…if people cared enough.

    As long as poker players cling to the belief they won’t have to “resort” to subscription sites the less likely to be a big deal. Once US players realize sites like ClubWPT are their only real option then it becomes a bigger deal.

    Or, of course, enough attention from sites like Pokerati. One of the two.

  4. Dpbarkermx

    Great artical, I will continue to play Podigy Poker never had a problem!!!

  5. Joe W.

    check resLobby.dll string table 3832.. play.com?  clubUwin?

  6. Terryc1968

    I play on the clubWPT free site.  I do not subscribe.  I have reported to them 3 times a major flaw in the software…maybe cheating.  During a hand, a player appears to time out, not call a bet.  Instead of folding, the hand stays on the table, the players chip count shows “all in” and they remain in the hand to the end.  Sometimes that player wins part of the pot.  When the hand is over, their chip count returns to its previous level (definitely not a rebuy as the count often exceeds the max buyin.)    Clubwpt’s replys have been vague and nonresponsive, once even saying they would contact the offending player.  I will continue to play there for fun…but I would never send them real money.

  7. Wbaker

    I have counted numerous hands that reward the looser, not the winner and have proof. I saved the hand history.

    I am leaving WPT

  8. Dan Michalski

    Can you send along an example or two? Danm@ the name of this website.

  9. Lapi7777

    Unfortunately I must agree that the site is COMPLETELY rigged. If I were to tell you the extraordinary number of “bad beats” I receive it would defy all mathematical theory that is sound and rational. 

    I am a fair player. I play very tight. I play my statistical odds by only playing either heads wit one other player up or 2 at the most,  I wait for decent pocket cards. I wait to be in position. I calculate pot odds. I DO NOT play stupid by chasing or tilting as do many other players. 

    How is it possible to get POST FLOP hands that give me an 87% chance of winning the hand and then lose 90% of those hands over a period of at least 10 months continually? Seriously…I’m asking !!! 

    If I have trips the OP (other player) ends up with a straight. If I have a Straight the OP gets a flush. If I have 2 pairs the OP ends up with trips or a straight. If I have a flush the OP ends up with a Full House. I’ve lost with trips, straights, flushes, full houses at least 100 times more than I’ve won with them. I will win with a decent hand like one of those I mentioned above about 1 in 50 times… I’M NOT KIDDING!! 
    It would happen time, after time, after time, after time, after time, after time, after time, after time !!! 

    My wife and a few others have actually witnessed these things and have advised me to stop playing. One of my friends who (who plays semi pro) didn’t believe that ANY online poker sites were rigged ( “It’s just a string of bad beats”… “It’s selective memory since so many more hands are played.”…”statistical fluctuation”…”It all evens out…bad beats happen to everybody”…”You’re not calculating the odds correctly”…etc,,,) HE NOW TOTALLY BELIEVES ME as he has seen these things with his own eyes and has stated that what happens to me is virtually “mathematical and statistical impossibility” for a “relatively good player such as yourself.” He calculated several months of my play and the results and came to this conclusion “The odds of losing the percentage you lose with the few “good” to “great” hands that you end up playing is about 2.5 billion to 1 on a regular basis. “Yes Jay…you were correct, I was wrong…this site IS RIGGED” “NOBODY can lose 90% of their hands holding 2 pair, trips or better.” It was like music to my ears to see a professional tell me that. 

    DON’T PLAY WPT POKER ( on Facebook either) !!!!!!

  10. Robert Paige

    Being investigated?


    Read my post about their BLATANT CHEATING that I posted above !!!

    Just as an example, as you know from above I play VERY FEW hands and I must be in proper position and have an EXCELLENT POST FLOP hand with superb pot odds in order to push the hand. I usually have an 89% chance of winning the hand and yet I lose 90% of the time…REALLY !!!

    Many, many, people who play WPT online complain about the exact same thing !!!

    Over the past 3 days I that I’ve played I’ve lost (mostly on the river) accordingly:

    FULL HO– USES: LOST – 5 / WON – 1

    FLUSH LOST – 6 / WON – 0

    STRAIGHT LOST – 10 / WON – 3

    TRIPS LOST – 14 / WON – 2

    2 PAIR LOST – 19 / WON – 4




  11. JimBeam1234

    I agree that something is odd at WPT but if you keep playing you will eventually win. I have easily won over $1K in the last couple of years. But, with all of the ‘bad beats’ and odd occurrences, I am sure I should have actually won a LOT more than that. I play average of 4-6 games on there a day. Good luck all!

  12. kc

    OK so I know what all of you are saying this is rigged I play tight I mean good hands and get beat 90% of the time. With ppl having 9 4 off suit and things like that. I win alot of the sng tournaments but when in the 100$ 50 $ 10 $ I lose so much with AA KK a st 3 of a kind and so on, Its not like its every once in awhile but all the time. WTF is going on cheats suck can you ppl fix your sever so ppl can’t cheat. I mean I am leaving this site. And will tell all my friends not to join. Sad to see a good game go so bad. I love the game and I think Im not to bad. but come on 90% losses on this site with good hands is crazy. Hacks cheats what ever you guys need to step up your game and fix this before you get hit with a law suit. I mean I spend money to play with you guys, and you let cheaters take it well WPT no more money from me. Good luck with the rest of your years on site hope its not long. Look at full tilt and poker stars you guys are gona be just like them. Taking the back road saying your a sweepstakes system I have to agree with you their you win one in every 1000 hands yep sweep stakes. Good luck Im out of this Site.

  13. Jeff Cullens

    Wpt is a rigged game !!! Glorified bingo, not poker! The more you bingo , the better the reward !!! I’m done with wpt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Fret

    Over five years now and I do agree with most of what has been said, however consider the number of players playing free plays and the number just simply playing any hand…enough do it that someone is going to catch. My point is that there are so many of them playing that you have to wade through them and stay away from the draw outs unless you flop the nuts or have watched the OP carefully. Since they allow players to play multiple games simultaneously the pausing I attribute to that since only 1 in maybe 1000 are actually savvy enough to utilize a cheat proggie. Also remember that they are not dealing cards…rather infinite algorithms which are set and repeated, so actually standard odds don’t apply as they would a random 52 card deck. In my history, I have played about 22% of pre-flops. I have been in the money (final table) on average three times a month (84 games per mo) playing against 400 to 800 players. I wait until I have $100.00 in the account before cashing out and they have been prompt on payouts. Any gaming software can be compromised, but the proggies I’ve seen are either very complex to use or very faulty and frankly I don’t know why they would bother.