Special Election Pokerati Game Tonight @PalmsPokerRm

by , Jul 21, 2011 | 5:32 pm

I really hope everyone had a great time this summer playing 1/2 No-Limit Hold’em/PLO at the Palms. I know I did … even though my own poor performance over the past couple weeks kept my summertime bankroll graph a little below sea level. But still, it was great to sit down for just some good old-fashioned poker with so many friends, colleagues, old Dallas players, low-stakes Vegas grinders, poker media hangers-on … as well as various new players from multiple continents with whom I got to enjoy some incarnation of sucking out. Thanks to all who played and especially thanks to those who embraced the Pokerati Game commitment to keeping the best low-stakes action in Vegas douchebag-free. (A bigger challenge than you might think.)

Tonight, we’ve got a little game-sweetener: The two best players in the game will get satellite seats for the Epic Pro-Am (also at the Palms) — one for a Saturday $340 and one in a Sunday $180.

And to determine who these players are, we’re gonna vote. Totally subjective and very unscientific, befitting of my ongoing social poker experiment, aka The Pokerati Game … and hey, if you don’t like the way we do it, you’re welcome to heckle from the rails. (2-drink minimum, though.)

That’s pretty much it. We’ll be playing the game as usual tonight — 1/2 NLH/PLO round of each, $100 min $400 max buy-in, game changes on the one seat, option to run it twice in both games, $5 button straddle gets ultimate last action — except everyone who plays will also get a ballot. And on that ballot they get to cast two votes:

+1 ____________

-1 ____________

Give +1 to the one player in the game you liked best — for whatever reason, whether it be skillful play, gutsy calls, rebuy frequency or breast size — and a -1 to whichever one player you liked least, whether it’s because they played bad cards and got lucky to stack you or just didn’t shower enough pre-game. We’ll add up the final totals, and the top points-getter gets the $340 seat, 2nd gets the $180.

Simple enough. Cool? Cool. Oh, we’ll also be taking votes from dealers, floor personnel, and cocktail waitresses … because really, shouldn’t they have a say in who’s the champion, too? Game gets going at 7 pm at the Palms Poker Room. Ballot box closes at 12 midnight.

The Saturday 340s, btw, are the ones where 20 percent of the field wins seats into a $1,500 Epic pro-am, and this weekend there’s apparently a few bounties on some players … the bounty being a $180 seat in a Sunday satellite (which sends a more typical 10 percent of the field to the $1,500 event).

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