Dan Michalski

Pokerati in Chief

Founder and editor of Pokerati, Dan Michalski is an award-winning journalist whose entre into poker came as the first ever official blogger for the WSOP. He's also served as editor of ALL IN magazine and PokerBlog.com. Accomplishments on the felt include winning the inaugural (and only) WSOP-Dream Team Poker event in 2009 and taking second place in his own NL/PLO event at the inaugural (and final?) Detox Poker Series in 2010.

Outside of poker, he's written for The New York Times, Men's Health, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, the London Observer, the Dallas Observer, Texas Monthly, D Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and many other publications. He also was the founding Las Vegas Editor of Thrillist.

Posts by DanM:

  • Chad Brown Memorial Tournament

    09 Jul 2014

    There are a few people who stand out in poker because they do things differently than most everyone else — in ways we all know we’d stand to benefit by emulating. Unfortunately, too often we don’t recognize that until these people are gone. Chad Brown will forever be attached to the Summer of 2014 for […]

  • Poker’s Newest Fan?

    04 Jun 2014

    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to poker Mr. Dwight Hiward — someone with the clever foresight to have been named after what would become a plausibly convenient typo for a popular basketball player’s name. A couple clicks reveal @pokerati’s new follower is way into poker. And hey, if his actual tweets turn out to be […]

  • Video Gaming Economies

    21 Apr 2014

    There’s a fair amount of research going on these days looking at that ever-fine line between gaming and gambling (Gainsbury, Russell, & Hing, 2014). This mini-documentary looks at the size and complexity of virtual gaming economies, and reveals how popular recreational online activities are vulnerable to cheaters and Chinese gold farmers (prisoners made to play […]

  • Slotto

    08 Apr 2014

    Lest you weren’t sure about the relationship between lottery interests and slot machines in future regulated online gambling spaces, here’s a common ad getting served up to some of us on Facebook these days (for myVegas, an MGM joint). You do the math while I continue to get play-money slots game requests from Aunt Rita […]

  • Drones Are the New Poker?

    11 Feb 2014

    Call it lo-tech, but I bought an actual paper magazine on the way home from Christmas, Popular Science, which lured me with its cover story, “Predictions for 2014”. Semi-fascinating stuff regarding 3-D printing, a looming crackdown on opiate painkillers, and a right-around-the-corner future filled with bots — the good kind, apparently, not ones that threaten […]

  • Going to California?

    14 Jan 2014

    PokerStars, the biggest most legitimate online poker site in the world, which got that way by thumbing its nose at the US government for their stupid laws, has gotten the big X in Nevada, and in New Jersey … so where to next? According to my personal Linked In recommended jobs feed, the less pokery-sounding […]

  • Caesars Palace Poker Room 2014-Q1 Promo FYIs

    03 Jan 2014

    All good things must come to an end, right? And if you remember Vegas Grinders, you know we were big fans of the MegaBeat Jackpot, a progressive multi-property payout. Though none of us cashed in, the promotion was enough to draw each of us (and many of you) to various Caesars property poker rooms on […]

  • Full Tilt Poker Remissions Inch Forward at Snail-mail Pace

    14 Nov 2013

    If you had cash on Full Tilt shortly before Black Friday, you’ve got until this weekend to inform government contractors that you’d like your money back, please. Check out what I got in the mail recently from the poker world’s new-good friends at Garden City Group, who are handling Full Tilt remissions on behalf of […]

  • “Gaming” vs. “Gambling” Revisited

    16 Oct 2013

    Do we call it gaming or gambling? I think we all know the casino industry would prefer we call it “gaming”, but for poker players that’s sometimes kinda hard when you see your heroes on the TV holding second pair and a gutshot only to be shouting “gamble gamble!” after an all-in and a call. […]

  • The Pizza Report

    13 Oct 2013

    Want a sense of the new world we’re seeing here in Nevada, thanks to licensed and regulated online poker? Game-wise, the combo of WSOP.com and Ultimate Poker is still hardly a shell of the glory days of PokerStars and Full Tilt. But what is different is the way online poker is showing up around town […]