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  • Extra Innings with Jess and BJ

    29 Oct 2011

    On this episode of the Jess and BJ Show, Jessica Welman and BJ Nemeth try to wrap things up in time to catch Game 7 of the World Series, bet the Bookie’s Over/Under on how many former Foxwoods winners will remain at the end of the day, recap Day 2 of the World Poker Finals, and answer the question, "What is your favorite game-winning performance?"

  • Terrible Tuesday

    30 Sep 2011

    On the latest Wicked Chops Podcast, we’re joined by poker lawyer/”journalist” Dave “F-Train” Behr to discuss the amended civil charges issued Tuesday against Full Tilt Poker Board of Director members Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Ray Bitar, and Rafe Furst. See the key discussion points at Wicked Chops Poker. [audio:] Podcast: Play in new window […]

  • 2011 WSOP – Bruno’s New Toy (Ep 39(

    20 Jul 2011

    Fun Warren dropped off a couple of dolls resembling famous poker pros in the pressbox.Dan and Dr. Pauly each received one as a gift. Hijinks ensue…2001 WSOP – Episode 39: Bruno’s New Toy (4:20) – Fun Warren brought a batch of dolls to the WSOP. The d…

  • 2011 WSOP – Pucked Up Hand (Ep 38)

    20 Jul 2011

    Dan and Dr.Pauly hang out at the final table bubble for the November Nine. They pucked up a hand…2011 WSOP – Episode 38: Pucked Up Hand (4:48) – Dan and Pauly thought they were recording an episode during an elimination hand, but they mistakenly got …

  • 2011 WSOP – Pseudo-Final Table (Ep 37)

    19 Jul 2011

    Dan showed up at the perfect time to hang out with Dr. Pauly, just as the final ten players were consolidated to one table…2001 WSOP – Episode 37: Pseudo-Final Table (6:02) – Dan and Pauly are on the rail of the Mothership as action resumes for the p…

  • 2011 WSOP – KevMath WSOP Exit Interview (Ep 36)

    19 Jul 2011

    Dr. Pauly bumped into Kevin Mathers and he sat down for a chat about his first ever WSOP…2001 WSOP – Episode 36: KevMath WSOP Exit Interview with KevMath (8:50) – Kevin “KevMath” Mathers is officially done with his WSOP assignment, but he stopped by …

  • 2011 WSOP – A Patchwork Orange (Ep 35)

    19 Jul 2011

    Dan and Dr. Pauly hang out on the rail of the featured TV table and wonder where have all the patch deals gone?2001 WSOP – Episode 35: Patchwork Orange (6:06) – Dan and Pauly hang out late on Day 7. Dan tells everyone how his girlfriend checked out the…

  • WSOP Main Event, the Reid-Kyl Letter, and Gary Johnson for Poker President

    19 Jul 2011

    We speak again to our friend Dan Pokerati Michalski about the WSOP and the recent developments with online poker as well as his conversation with Gary Johnson

  • Tent City (Ep 34)

    19 Jul 2011

    Dan and Dr. Pauly hang out on the smokers’ porch and observe “tent city”…2011 WSOP – Episode 34: Tent City (5:01) – Dan and Pauly went outside and wandered around tent city, where all of the ESPN live feed production trucks and Poker PROductions tra…

  • 2011 WSOP: Two Brits, One Irishman (Ep 33)

    18 Jul 2011

    Snoopy joins Dr. Pauly for a conversation about the pair of Brits and one Irishman left in the Main Event field…2011 WSOP – Episode 33: Two Brits, One Irishman with Snoopy (5:09) – Snoopy gives Pauly the latest British report with three tables remain…