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  • 2011 WSOP – Secret Bubble Boy (Ep 31)

    15 Jul 2011

    It’s the most exciting time at the WSOP! The Money Bubble of the 2011 Main Event finally burst and Dr. Pauly and WhoJedi were there.2011 WSOP – Episode 31: Secret Bubble Boy with WhoJedi (1:31) – The Main Event crawled toward the Money Bubble, which h…

  • 2011 WSOP – British Beef with Snoopy (Ep 30)

    14 Jul 2011

    On Day 3, Snoopy and Dr. Pauly hang out behind the press box and Snoopy gives us the rundown on the Brits still remaining in the Main Event…2011 WSOP – Episode 30: British Beef with Snoopy (8:01) – As play progresses on Day 3, Pauly and Snoopy hang o…

  • 2011 WSOP – Media Mania and Golden Toilets with Change100 and AlCantHang (Ep 29)

    13 Jul 2011

    Dan is AWOL and Pauly is still playing in the WSOP Media Event while Change100 and AlCantHang hijack the Tao of Pokerati for a special episode…2011 WSOP – Episode 29: Media Mania and Golden Toilets with Change100 and AlCantHang (3:08) – Pauly is stil…

  • 2011 WSOP – Hellmuthian Entrance (Ep 28)

    09 Jul 2011

    Phil Hellmuth, known for his grandiose and over the top entrances, showed up to play on Day 1C. Here’s the report from Dr. Pauly and Snoopy…2011 WSOP – Episode 28: Hellmuthian Entrance with Snoopy (6:26) – Phil Hellmuth arrived late to the Main Eve…

  • 2011 WSOP – Almost Famous (Ep 27)

    07 Jul 2011

    Just before players return from the dinner break, Dr. Pauly and Snoopy chat about Day 1A of the Main Event…2011 WSOP – Episode 27: Almost Famous with Snoopy (3:32) – While players return to their seats after the dinner break, Pauly and Snoopy notice …

  • Ivey’s White Knight Deal Almost Done + Full Tilt Poker

    01 Jul 2011

    The LA Times broke a story last night that Full Tilt Poker had sold to a group of European Investors (i.e. Ivey’s White KnightTM). Like Jason Biggs hopping in the sack with Shannon Elizabeth, the story jumped the gun a bit. According to our sources, the deal is almost done, but it’s not there yet. […]

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  • 2011 WSOP – Brazil’s Mothership Invasion (Ep 23)

    28 Jun 2011

    Dr. Pauly and AlCantHang head out to a soccer match and a poker tournament broke out…2011 WSOP – Episode 23: Brazil’s Mothership Invasion with AlCantHang (2:50) – Pauly and AlCantHang are on the rail inside the Mothership watching the heads-up battle…

  • Adieu, Benjo (Ep 20)

    28 Jun 2011

    This is an “extra special episode” for Benjo and will be the last time Dr. Pauly, Dan, and Benjo record an episode for the 2011 WSOP…2011 WSOP – Episode 20: Adieu, Benjo (8:40) – After almost a week of speculation and rumors, Benjo confirms that he’s…

  • Brickless Cash Games Reprise (Ep16)

    28 Jun 2011

    2011 WSOP – Episode 16: Brickless Cash Games Reprise (3:22) – Dan and Pauly recorded a quick follow-up to their previous episode while they hang out on the rail of the high-stakes cash games. They spot Eskimo Clark, “Cowboy”, and other broke dicks ling…

  • 2011 WSOP – Eskimo Dementia (Ep 22)

    27 Jun 2011

    Dr.Pauly has a special guest, the infamous Joe Dub, to discuss an Eskimo-related incident on the rail. Here’s the story…2011 WSOP – Episode 22: Eskimo Dementia with Joe Dub (3:33) – Pauly bumps into Joe Dub while covering the final table of the $2,50…