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Merchdawg journeyed out to Vegas in the summer of 2010 to be a WSOP floor reporter for PartTimePoker ... and ever since couldn't be stopped from fulfilling his lifelong dream of being an overworked, underpaid, non-card-carrying member of the poker media. As multi-faceted 21st century niche journalist, Merch also has written for BLUFF Magazine and has had photos published by ESPN.

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  • Merchdawg’s Podcast Roundup

    Drama, Good Mindset, & Mega-Grinding

    25 Mar 2011

    Rabbit Hunt: Our friends on the Rabbit Hunt podcast jump right into the middle of the Joe Sebok drama this week. The guys break down and criticize both sides of the drama, breaking down what both sides of did wrong. They also discuss why Paul Leggett will probably never agree to come to 2+2 to […]

  • Merchdawg’s Podcast Roundup:

    SuperStar Showdown, & WPT Bay 101

    18 Mar 2011

    The Poker Edge: The guys from The Poker Edge are back this week with Daniel Negreanu in tow. First on topic is Erik Seidel’s recent run to the top of the all time money list and how the super high roller events are altering how he looks at the list. The discussion shortly turns to […]

  • Merchdawg’s Podcast Roundup

    11 Mar 2011

    The Hardcore Poker Show: The guys are joined this week by Greg Meuller to discuss his recent appearance on Poker After Dark and the crazy straddling that was happening. After the short interview with Meuller, the hottest player at the moment joins the show for another short brief interview. Seidel discusses his recent hot streak […]

  • Merchdawg’s Podcast Roundup

    Nolan Dalla & More UB

    04 Mar 2011

    I know we all want more UB scandal stuff but this week I am going to start you off with a something else before I get into the two big hitters for UB info for the past few weeks. Ante Up Poker Magazine: This is the first time that the guys from Ante Up have […]

  • Merchdawg’s Weekly Podcast Roundup

    Travis Makar/Ultimate Bet Scandal Updates

    25 Feb 2011

    Alright everyone, I usually give you all three podcast to listen to, but since one of the shows has a run time of four plus hours we will only be bringing you two shows. This week we are bringing you some of the newest information from the Ultimate Bet scandal. Rabbit Hunt: Our friends over […]

  • DonkDown Releases UB Scandal Email

    More UB Scandal Dirt

    23 Feb 2011

    Yesterday we brought you the transcripts of the Travis Makar transcripts thanks to the guys over at DonkDown. In the short synopsis that we gave you we made mention that Bryan Micon had planned on meeting up with Makar to take a look at some of the documents he supposedly was in possession of. Well […]

  • DonkDown Radio Transcript of Travis Makar Interview

    New UB scandal dirt

    22 Feb 2011

    This past week in the Weekly Podcast Roundup we highlighted DonkDown Radio due to an interview they had with Travis Makar. For those of you that do not know who Makar is, head over to our Wicked Chops Poker and read Part II of the Ultimate Bet Super-User Cheating Scandal. The guys were nice enough […]

  • Merchdawg’s Weekly Podcast Roundup

    18 Feb 2011

    DonkDown Radio: The guys over at DonkDown are known for their pursuit in getting to the bottom of things in the UB Poker scandal. This weeks show gets off to an unexpected start when Travis Makar calls into the show. For those not familiar with Travis he was linked to the scandal in the report […]

  • Merchdawg’s Weekly Podcast Roundup

    11 Feb 2011

    Women’s Poker Hour: Host Amy Zupko and Jennifer Shahade are joined by Donna Houle to start off this weeks show. Donna is one of the founders of the Pink Ladies Poker Tour. They then move on to discuss the Women’s Poker League on PokerStars before briefly discussing the PCA women’s event. If you want to […]

  • Merchdawg’s Weekly Podcast Roundup

    04 Feb 2011

    Ante Up Poker Magazine Podcast: After returning from their trip to Jacksonville for the Chad Brown NLHE Championship host Christopher Cosenza & Scott Long come on to discuss a horribly played limit hold’em hand. Once they recap the hand they move on to discuss the pro heavy field that was found in the Chad Brown […]