Robert Goldfarb

Video Editor

Robert Goldfarb is a mid-stakes pro who found an early circuit ring was no guarantee of easy success, despite how easy they made it look on TV. He has one of the more accomplished Hendon Mob database records among Team Pokerati players.

Posts by robertgoldfarb:

  • The Most Boring Video ever on TMZ

    16 Jan 2011

    Of course it’s ‘starring’ Phil Hellmuth. I bet he likes it.

  • Pokerati Blocked in Israel

    05 Nov 2010

    TEL AVIV–While waiting to check in to our flight to Zurich from Ben Gurion intl airport in Tel Aviv I figured I’d hop on the free wifi and see what’s going on at Pokerati. As you can see, no luck. Dan needs to work on Pokerati’s international relations.

  • International Degen Swag

    01 Nov 2010

    These are pictures i took at Carmel market in Tel Aviv a few days ago. A knockoff PokerStars tee shirt cost 20 shekels (about $5.50). And gambling is illegal in Israel. (click to enlarge)

  • “Poker’s Inconvenient Truth”

    21 Aug 2010

    Just read a fantastic, eye-opening, blog entry about variance in poker. I highly recommend you read it if you are serious about playing poker for a living. The brilliance contained in this article is how you react to it. After reading it take the following quiz. Which statement below is most accurate: A) They (The […]

  • Poker Darwinism at the LAPC

    14 Feb 2010

    The LAPC recently featured 2 $230 mega satellites into their $1 million guaranteed $1000 re-buy tournament to give some lower stakes players a shot at a big payday in event that can get real expensive real fast. If you won a seat you also received a voucher that could be used for a re-buy or […]

  • Donald Trump bets and Andy Beal raises.

    27 Nov 2009

    An Atlantic City newspaper reported that Donald Trump and Andy Beal are battling for control of three Trump Casinos. I have to admit if I had the chance to rail bird this match live, I’d be wearing my “Go Andy Beal” T-shirt and maybe a great big button of his face, too.

  • Pokerbowl continues to deal out bad beats 2 years later

    13 Nov 2009

    According to this report, published in the Las Vegas Review Journal, the Palms Casino took a $500,000 hit for being unlucky enough to host a few tournaments gone wrong including the now infamous Pokerbowl.

  • Standing the test of time.

    16 Aug 2009

    I came across this terrific article about poker legend Billy Baxter originally published in Sports Illustrated in 1984. This article is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago.

  • Beth Shak = Pam Anderson? Ask Kid Rock.

    24 Jul 2009

    See for yourself

  • Pennies from heaven (57,400 to be exact)

    Check your spam filter, kids.

    16 Jul 2009

    Found this little gemstone while doing a routine look-see of my spam filter today: Your account requires immediate action As part of the Distribution Plan, you were given final notice in December of 2007 that you had until January 26, 2008 to withdraw funds from your NETELLER account. You still have 574 USD in your […]