Robert Goldfarb

Video Editor

Robert Goldfarb is a mid-stakes pro who found an early circuit ring was no guarantee of easy success, despite how easy they made it look on TV. He has one of the more accomplished Hendon Mob database records among Team Pokerati players.

Posts by robertgoldfarb:

  • Apache Gold Casino is giving players up to $300 a day in free play.

    20 Nov 2014

    A little casino east of Phoenix, Arizona called Apache Gold is running a fantastic casino promotion until the end of this month. They are doubling or tripling any other casino’s offer up to $300. For example: If you have a valid casino offer for $50, they will give you $150 in free play, no strings attached.  They have full […]

  • Table Image

    02 Jun 2014

    Nightly pic from the trenches. Good to see Pokerati still in some way part of the WSOP.

  • Bravo at the WSOP

    02 Jun 2014

    As seen in the Rio casino poker room. Co-branding with Bravo, the player tracking system in just about every poker room and makers of the Bravo Poker Live App.

  • Poker’s 1% by Ed Miller

    19 Mar 2014

    Ed Miller’s latest book, Poker’s 1% reveals the secret of poker’s most elite players.  The book exposes this secret in one word: frequency. Ed states that the biggest winners in no-limit hold ’em know that winning play requires playing each hand with the proper frequency. He demonstrates how playing hands correctly and applying this knowledge makes your […]

  • Return of Online Poker (Jersey Style)

    16 Dec 2013

    All three of these companies’ ads are in heavy rotation on the Trenton, NJ, transit station video displays like they belong. (Take that Bill Frist!)

  • Martingale Betting on the Road

    25 Nov 2013

    A Canadian gambler’s license plate asks: Want to go double or nothing?

  • Snacktime Poker

    24 Nov 2013

    I have a feeling that converting Xbox players to online cash game players might be a long-term goal.

  • How to Read Hands at No-Limit Hold ’em

    26 Dec 2011

    Just read this great new book, “How To Read Hands At No-Limit Hold’ em” by Ed Miller, and I highly recommend it to anyone who plays no limit hold ’em. It lives up to its title and walks you through a very clear and concise method for figuring out your opponent’s holdings. Be prepared to […]

  • Erik Seidel, the music video.

    30 Apr 2011
  • Black Friday, the Music Video

    19 Apr 2011

    From @SrslySirius: