Tom Schneider


PHOENIX, AZ -- Occasional columnist and one-time high-stakes pro, author Tom Schneider ("Oops I Won Too Much Money", Brown Books, 2006) won the 2007 Pokerati Invitational, and from there, two bracelets and the '07 WSOP Player of the Year wearing a Pokerati jersey -- a jersey he earned by winning the '07 Pokerati Invitational, which gave birth to his first podcast, Beyond the Table.

Tom is also a member of of the WSOP Players Advisory Counci.

Posts by Donkey Bomber:

  • Is the WSOP Changing Things? It’s So Scary!

    13 Apr 2008

    I can only speculate on all the stuff that is going on at the WSOP regarding the discussion of changing the final table format, but here are my thoughts on what has already been discussed. Given the same payout structure, would you rather make a final table last year or this year? If you say […]

  • Tom’s Trip Report: Tunica, Mississippi

    25 Jan 2008

    I had a good time in Tunica. I came in 8th at the WSOP circuit event and didn’t play the WPT. I had an opportunity to play the WPT because the circuit event had a day off between day 2 and the final table, but I would have had to accumulate a ton of chips […]

  • How to Not Be a Poker Pro

    21 Dec 2007

    On Tilt sent me an email inquiring about what it really took to play poker for a living. I was happy to answer, it being the holidays and all. And because Dan is withholding my Christmas bonus on the grounds that I don’t post enough, I thought I’d share our conversation with the educated readers […]

  • Booking Wins

    09 Nov 2007

    In my last post, I responded to an email that I received from Ralph, a nice young guy who wanted to become a professional poker player. I told him that if he hadn’t read at least 15 books he might not be taking his attempt at playing professional poker seriously enough. On Tilt commented that […]

  • So You Wanna Be a Poker Pro?
    It’s a Little Better than Being in Iraq

    30 Oct 2007

    I recently received a thoughtful email from a young guy who has great interest in playing poker for a living or finding a good job or possibly doing both. He has asked for my advice regarding various topics of passion and career. I thought that my response might be helpful to others figuring out where […]

  • Barcelona Hates Me, or Vice Versa

    25 Oct 2007

    OK, so I already talked about how the Barcelona gypsies took my money, and you may have read about how I busted out early in the WPT Spanish Championship – I should have re-raised with Aces instead of calling a raise with them – but what about the rest of the trip? I’m normally not […]

  • Barcelona Gypsies 1, Tom Minus $450

    15 Oct 2007

    I made the trip to Barcelona to play in the WPT Spanish Championship. This trip was a big mistake in so many ways, but for this particular post, I’m going to reveal what a true dumbass I really am. My friend John lives in Barcelona and has for several years. He takes Julie and I […]

  • The Poker Industry Continues to Disappoint Me

    26 Sep 2007

    Poker must be the most boring activity in the world. Why else would the industry focus its cameras on the most ridiculous people? We have spelling bees and Scrabble championships on TV and none of the competitors have little “charks” and make munching sounds then yell their name “HUMBERTO, HUMBERTO”. None of them spell a […]

  • The Blind Structure Solution

    17 Sep 2007

    I’m tired of the complaining about blind structures, including my own whiny little self regarding WPT final table structures. Rather than continue to complain, I have decided to propose a new way of looking at tournament structures. In order to solve the problem, we first have to define it. In my opinion, the problem is […]

  • The Tipping Solution

    21 Jul 2007

    Some of you say that you want to get a breakdown of what Harrah’s takes out of the pot and how much the dealers make. It’s none of your business. Some of you have done some horrendous math which indicates that dealers for the main event only made $10.15 per hour, hogwash. Hey, I’ve never […]