Tom Schneider


PHOENIX, AZ -- Occasional columnist and one-time high-stakes pro, author Tom Schneider ("Oops I Won Too Much Money", Brown Books, 2006) won the 2007 Pokerati Invitational, and from there, two bracelets and the '07 WSOP Player of the Year wearing a Pokerati jersey -- a jersey he earned by winning the '07 Pokerati Invitational, which gave birth to his first podcast, Beyond the Table.

Tom is also a member of of the WSOP Players Advisory Counci.

Posts by Donkey Bomber:

  • Mucked Up

    05 Jun 2012

    I want to clear something up that happened during a hand in a $1,500 no limit tournament. I have heard that some are accusing me of using my influence to get a favorable ruling and/or that I took a shot to win a pot. I’ll let Pokerati readers decide. On the river, I bet. My […]

  • Where is the Collective Outrage?

    03 Oct 2011

    Tom Schneider OP-ED Ed. Note:  Shortly after Tom wrote this piece, the AGCC revealed that some $330 million had been seized pre-Black Friday. I sent an email asking if this changed the math, to which Tom replied, “That’s almost all that they owed to players, just short $60 million which is purportedly what they had in the […]

  • Over Before It Started

    10 Jul 2011

    Quote of the Series – Player in a cash game complaining to a dealer about how badly he deals… Dealer says to player, “If we switched seats, we would both make more money.” Things I won’t miss after leaving the WSOP The piece of paper that has been on the 18th-floor ice machine for 45 […]

  • Washington DC Needs More Gambling

    01 May 2011

    Tom Schneider OP-ED It’s time to have a poker player run for President of the United States. Forget Joe the Plumber. How about Tom the Gambler? I actually gave serious consideration to running for President in 2012. However, when I woke up, it didn’t seem like such a great idea. I thought what could a […]

  • Where is Eric Crain?

    08 Jul 2009

    Eric and I played in the first round of the limit holdem shootout. What a nice, funny guy in addition to being a great player. I beat him at the first table, but before I did, we agreed to save 10 percent. After beating him, I failed to get his phone number in order to […]

  • 11 Jun 2008

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  • CSR Report

    05 Jun 2008

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  • Test leme no

    31 May 2008

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  • 30 May 2008

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  • Start/Stop the B-tching!

    01 May 2008

    I wrote this post right after the 2007 WSOP, but I hadn’t pressed publish yet. With all the talk about structural changes and travel plans for the upcoming WSOP, now seem’s a good time for us to think about our (poker players’) behavior for the upcoming WSOP: I have a request for all poker players. […]