Over Before It Started

by , Jul 10, 2011 | 5:00 am

Quote of the Series – Player in a cash game complaining to a dealer about how badly he deals… Dealer says to player, “If we switched seats, we would both make more money.”
Things I won’t miss after leaving the WSOP
  1. The piece of paper that has been on the 18th-floor ice machine for 45 days that says “Temporarily out of Order”.
  2. Players talking about dealers as if the dealer isn’t there.
  3. The 14th floor button always lit up when I enter the Masquerade Tower elevators. (As mentioned above, I was on the 18th floor.)
  4. People bumping into me and not saying anything.
  5. Players with horrible smokers breath sitting right next to me and wanting to talk and belly laugh my direction.
  6. Award ceremonies (with me not in them).
  7. A $10 food voucher and $12 worth of food.
  8. The announcement, “attention all time game dealers, at the end of this hand please collect time”.
  9. After above announcement, 3 or 4 players in each game saying “we just paid time”…yep we did ½ hour ago.
  10. People whose name I don’t know asking me for money, and then, not asking me for my phone number so they can find me to repay me.
  11. Losing 1 to 1,000 to Michalski.
  12. The phrase “Is Pepsi OK”?

Things I enjoyed at the WSOP:

  1. Getting more involved in Twitter and the laughs I got along the way.  Insert shameless plug here.  I’m Donkeybomber on Twitter.
  2. Award ceremonies celebrating others’ victories and the National Anthem.
  3. Seeing good friends that I only see once each year.
  4. Playing Chinese poker on all breaks. (I’m still owed some money by people.)
  5. Swordfish piccata at Buzios.  Their food got good again.
  6. Dinner at offsite places Herbs and Rye, the best chicken alfredo ever and Pho Kim Long…love Chinese poker and Chinese food.
  7. $10 Food Vouchers…I know, I’m complicated.

See you next year at the WSOP.

2 Comments to “Over Before It Started”

  1. Robert Goldfarb


    Swordfish mate for life and are very high in mercury.


    P.S. Once I pay you for Chinese poker, will you be able to delete #4 in section two?

  2. DonkeyBomber

    Unfortunately not.  You are not the only person on the list.