Tom Schneider


PHOENIX, AZ -- Occasional columnist and one-time high-stakes pro, author Tom Schneider ("Oops I Won Too Much Money", Brown Books, 2006) won the 2007 Pokerati Invitational, and from there, two bracelets and the '07 WSOP Player of the Year wearing a Pokerati jersey -- a jersey he earned by winning the '07 Pokerati Invitational, which gave birth to his first podcast, Beyond the Table.

Tom is also a member of of the WSOP Players Advisory Counci.

Posts by Donkey Bomber:

  • Player of the Year…Who Should It Really Be and What Method Should be Used to Determine the POY?

    20 Jul 2007

    The following question was posed on 2+2 and I really liked it. “Who Should Be the Player of the Year”? Here are the five that they proposed as possible candidates. For those of you that don’t know, I won; however I’m not saying that I should have and I’m not asking for your support; however, […]

  • I Won and Thanks

    06 Jun 2007

    Thanks to all my sweaters. Special thanks to Dan and Karridy for providing emotional support during the tournament. Julie, my wife, gave me several tongue lashings about my play which kept me on track. Pat Poels and Robert Goldfarb provided strategy advice and a calming influence. It truly was an amazing experience. The cards ran […]

  • Response to Steve Lipscomb’s Letter to WPT Players

    28 May 2007

    There were three items that weren’t covered in Steve’s letter that are very important to me and some of my professional poker friends. Resolving these issues would make competing on the World Poker Tour more profitable, and therefore more enjoyable, for the players the WPT depends on. Payout structure – In the WPT championship, the […]

  • WPT Blind Structure Changes In Store?

    20 May 2007

    You’ve heard my thoughts before here and on Beyond the Table about the problems with the blind structure and payouts at WPT final tables. The World Poker Tour head honcho sent an email to the players about this matter just a few days ago: Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 18:42:00 -0700 From: “Steve Lipscomb” To: […]

  • World Series of Golf…Oh my!

    18 May 2007

    I spent the last few days playing in the new World Series of Golf, and did I have fun? Hell yes. Each player buys in for $10,000. On the first hole each player antes $100. After each player hits their first shot, there is a round of no-limit betting. Each player can call raise or […]

  • Dan is a Delinquent

    01 May 2007

    A new Beyond the Table is on the player to your right. Dan normally tells you about this but he has been busy at the Playgirl boy Mansion and playing high stakes poker in L.A. The third segment is hilarious, but unfortunately fortunately, not much poker content. Let us know what you think of the […]

  • Update on My Progress or Lack Thereof
    And Why WPT Blind / Prize Structures Suck!

    01 May 2007

    I played in the $25,000 Bellagio main event last week, qualifying via my second $2,500 satellite. What an event! Nearly all of the best players in the world played. Starting the third day, I had 227,000 chips, which was about 70,000 above average. I got busted out of the 639 player field with 150 players […]

  • I Was on the Right End of Some Bad Kardma at Bellagio

    16 Apr 2007

    I was at the Bellagio the past four days or so. I came in 24th in one of the events … just 23 players away from more than $300,000…almost enough to get Dan some new sex toys a personality a haircut and a new wardrobe. Anyway, I was playing in this $25/$50 no-limit hold’em cash […]

  • WPT RENO – ESP for 2 Hands, then Pissing on the Craps Table

    02 Apr 2007

    Do you ever have times when you are 100 percent sure of something that you shouldn’t possibly know? I had two instances like this in Reno. For the first few hours of the tournament my radar was working extremely well. This particular hand I was not involved in; however, I made a ridiculous read that […]

  • The Poker Food Chain, Part 1

    26 Mar 2007

    Thanks for the idea Jason. Do you play in a casino, home game or online? Do you want to move up the poker ladder? This is what I think is important about moving up in each case: Home games are the easiest to beat. If you are beating a home game regularly, don’t get too […]